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Sometimes a pet mouse presents with clinical signs of mite infestation but no evidence of mites or known history of recent exposure to other animals. Biopsy samples may be useful in these cases to distinguish active acariasis from dermal hypersensitivity to mites or other allergens such as timber chip bedding. Dermal hypersensitivity is well described in certain inbred strains of mice and is characterized by severe pruritus, the presence of fine dandruff all over the body, and occasionally ulcerative dermatitis.

I'd really love a pet mouse....or 2 so that the first one wouldn't get lonely.... :)

Sadly, my mouse, Mocha passed away. Therefore, I get a new pet mouse. Sadly, My friend, Lizzy's mouse, Cocoa passed away as well (him and Mocha were brothers) so Lizzy also gets some new pet mice.
Rest in Peace Mocha and Cocoa.

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Snuggles saved by NarcanPet mouse that accidentally overdosed revived at DTES safe injection site Females can stay--or so we've been told. Often times, girls will help their friends take care of children. In a pet store, I once saw one bring food to the nest while the mother fed the kids. We didn't know whether to risk this or not. We trusted our sources, but the other mouse was only about three or four weeks old herself. Still a child, we opted to put her in her own cage. I'm sad to report that she appears withdrawn and depressed, but whenever we tried introducing her to Rinoa and the babies, Rinoa chased her around trying to scare her off.

my pet mouse is scratching him self a lot whats wrong with him

We got lucky. Our mouse, Rinoa, gave birth to a litter of only three. When mice get pregnant young (six weeks or so), they don't have as many children. The ones who wait until full adulthood can have larger litters, so you may be stuck with a pile of mice. The babies can be cute, but don't become an animal hoarder--if you have too many pets, all of the animals suffer from divided attention from you and high stress due to a crowded living space.

What is the difference between a pet mouse and a pet rat

The goal of the mouse FAQ is to educate the general public about the proper care of domesticated pet mice. This FAQ is in no way meant to supersede or replace veterinary advice. The text of this FAQ may be reproduced and distributed as long as nothing is altered, edited, or removed. It must be distributed in its entirety and full credit given to the author, Theresa Lee.Food should also be available at all times. Always keep at least one food bowl filled with a dry rat/mouse food. These dry rat/mouse foods are available in grain mix, pellet, or block form from pet stores or online. As the nutritional requirements of rats and mice are virtually identical, these foods are typically marketed for "rat/mouse." These foods are fortified for their specific nutritional needs.