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Our comfortable, compassionate new Adoption Center is a safe haven for pets while they wait for their new homes. This quiet, happy place showcases cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, rabbits, and other small pets that you can adopt into your heart and home. While here, you can drive past barn animals you can adopt, such as horses, goats, pigs, donkeys, chickens, or roosters. You can also ask about our Wildlife Center, which rescues injured and orphaned wild animals and provides shelter for adoptable exotic pets.

View the most urgent as well as other adoptable pets currently at Arlington Animal Services

These photos are updated every 2 - 3 days by volunteers. If you want to help by taking photos of our adoptable animals contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 477-2769 to find out how!

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Only lost or adoptable animals under the care of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department are searchable on this website.
There are so many reasons to adopt from the shelter. One of the best is that shelter animals make great pets. Many have already lived with a human family and have the basic training, socialization and cooperative skills they need to become part of your household. And many, but not all, of our animals have the advantage of being mixed-breed animals who use what geneticists call “hybrid vigor” to avoid some of the health issues of purebred animals. Our animals are also quite a bargain since their fees include spaying or neutering, a microchip, worming, vaccinations, and a certificate for a free health exam. Since there are many more animals needing adoption than there are homes, you can make a decision that’s great for you and your family and also helps you become part of the solution to the overpopulation crisis. So, come on over to visit our adoptable animals, and be prepared to fall in love!

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Austin Animal Center has wonderful pets looking for good homes. If you think you’re ready for the responsibility of adding a pet to your family, visit the Center or browse our adoptable pets online. If you are looking for your lost pet, visit the instead.

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Some animals listed may not be available for adoption due to stray hold periods; however, adoption applications will still be accepted. The animals listed do not represent our total population of adoptable animals. Please visit BARCS to meet them in person!At this time, MADACC has both an in-house and foster-based adoption program which focuses on the placement of unclaimed stray animals. We have two ways to adopt animals at MADACC. You must come to MADACC in person to meet adoptable animals! We do not have the resources to give information about adoptable animals over the phone and callers will be instructed to come to the facility.If you have lost an animal, please check the Adoptable Animals, Stray Hold and Found Report search pages. Strays are held for five days and may then be made available for adoption.Dogs and cats that have not been reclaimed are also available to meet and bring home at our building seven days per week. Our adoptable cats are always viewable in our lobby. Our adoption center staff will happily help you select the right dog to add to your family. We strongly encourage you to come into our facility to meet animals in person and not wait for animals to be updated on our Petfinder page. That page is not able to always be updated in a timely way and you could miss out on an animal you could be interested in if you do not come in person.