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Carrier measurements will vary depending on the aircraft serving the route. There is one pet permitted per passenger. Weight allowed: 22 lbs. (10kg) pet and carrier combined. Carriers must be secure, allow for your pet to stand up and turn around and must have a waterproof bottom.

Sizes tend to run small for airline approved dog carriers. Can be confining for large pets.

As in-cabin pet policy is not regulated by the FAA and is done so by each airline, it has been tricky for people traveling with their pets to get a clear answer as to whether or not an airline approved carrier would fit beneath the seat on a particular airline. As a result, we have partnered with a number of pet-friendly airlines to create Guaranteed On Board®. GOB allows pet parents to get an actual guarantee that their carrier will be allowed on board. Simply go to , select the airline and complete flight, pet and carrier info. If everything is in compliance, print the form and present it at check-in. If you’re refused entry due to their Sherpa® carrier, we will reimburse you for your ticket and their pet fee. Essentially, we’ve worked with the airlines to build an online form that encompasses all of their specific requirements so you and your pet can travel stress-free. Guaranteed On Board - fly with peace of mind.

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Sizes tend to run small for airline approved dog carriers. Can be confining for large pets. Some airlines allow passengers to carry their pets in the cabin of a plane if your pet is capable of fitting in an airline-compliant under the seat in front of you. Carry-on pets are not regulated under the Animal Welfare Act; however, the airlines will require that your pet be able to stand up and turn around in the carrier. For animals other than dogs or cats, contact the airline for their acceptance policy. You can also send us an email at or post an inquiry on our .

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You should think carefully when selecting an airline pet carrier. This will provide your pet a safe and comfortable place to be when taken out of its environment. There is nothing more important than your pet's safety and a good quality pet carrier will provide that.

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Sherpa™ is the carrier source for pets on the go! This exceptional brand features a collection of comfortable, durable soft pet carriers. From our best-selling Sherpa pet carrier to our exclusive and pet carriers - we have pet carriers for every breed of small dog and cats. Sherpa carriers were the first soft-sided pet carrier to be endorsed by major airlines and continue to be the industry standard for pet carriers. Meets major airline carry-on pet regulations by being able to compress in length from 22" to 19" when one side is compressed, or 16" when both sides are compressed. The ends are designed to expand when there is nothing blocking them. Once compressed, the ends of Sleepypod Air remain in a flexed position with the airline seat frame serving as its barrier; the ends fold down automatically to fill the available space.