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Jake - according to Allegiant's pet policy, only small cats and dogs are allowed in the cabin, but we would still ask them about your fish as they may make an exception. You will also need to get clearance from TSA.

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Airlines handle the problem in different ways, but Allegiant’s policy now says: “To book a reservation with a pet, please contact the Allegiant Reservation Center and use option 1 and tell the agent you are booking with a pet. The per segment Booking Fees will be waived.”

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Jul 12, 2011 - This is just a quick post to highlight a recent change in Allegiant's pet policy It turns out that Allegiant’s policy falls squarely within . The FAA explains that it is impossible to create a completely allergen-free flight. For instance, even though there are some airlines that don’t allow pets on board, and with other airlines, you can call ahead to ask if there is a pet traveling on your flight, the that no cabin will ever be completely dander-free. This is because animal allergens are carried on the clothes of other passengers.

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Because Allegiant flies mostly nonstop direct flights, they do not list any official codeshare partners. However, it is strongly recommended that travelers contact any connecting airlines directly to familiarize themselves with their individual policies regarding pet travel.

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