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Most pet owners have tried all sorts of dog car seat covers, and many are familiar with products that slipped down the seat. Their dogs, more often than not, slid off to the floor with these covers, of course. So having bought and tried the BarksBar Pet Car Seat Cover for Cars, Trucks and SUV's simply made them avid fans of the product. Cleaning has become simpler, which often just involved wiping off this seat cover with a rag.

The Animal Basics Waterproof Car Seat Covers provide a deluxe solution on a budget

Back seat hammock covers are some of the best around, and the most versatile type of dog cover. These will allow you to protect your back seat from your animal, and quite often they’ll be super comfortable for the dog as well. If you have a rambunctious smaller dog, or a large dog of any temperament then they’re pretty much the ideal cover for you, especially if your car has a trunk rather than a dedicated cargo section.

Solvit Waterproof Pet Car Seat Cover.

The Animal Basics Velvet Car Seat Covers provide a deluxe solution on a budget Keep your car clean and pristine with the Animal Planet Water Resistant Hammock Style Car Seat Cover. This beautifully designed accessory features water resistant, durable 600D oxford material, which easily protects your car's interior from fur, dirt, tears, and scratches. To install, just unfold and attach the straps and buckles to the headrests. The adjustable straps allow this cover to fit most cars and the Velcro slits permit easy seatbelt access and use to keep everyone buckled in and safe. And, the zipper divider in the cover allows you to convert half of the cover into a bench-style for additional seating. Bad weather or beach days don’t have to be a problem for your backseat anymore!

Protect your vehicle's interior with this Yes Pets Pet Car Seat Cover

If I had to make a choice, I think the "Favorite 58 x 54 Travel Auto Rear Oxford Waterproof Car Dog Seat Cover Protector" might have been better for me. My dog is a giant schnauzer, and although he is comfortable and 'roomy' in the "Animal Planet" unit I have; seeing the construction of the "Oxford" unit mentioned, I think that one would be better. The entire back seat and the backs of the front seats are protected.

Dog Car Hammock | Back Seat Covers for Dogs - Kurgo

The hammock position does not keep you animal in the back seat so be careful when it is used in that position. It otherwise covers the seat well in either positions. It’s a great waterproof material and is very durable to keep from being scratched or torn from the dog’s nails. If your dog is not seated while the car is in motion, it is hard for the animals to get a grip and they will slide around on it a bit. It otherwise does a great job keeping the car free from fur and protecting seats from scratches and tears. . Keep your car clean and fur-free with Animal Planet's car seat cover, made in an easy-to-install hammock design that easily loops around headrests. The water-resistant finish allows even wet, dirty pets to ride along!This grey-themed seat cover by Animal Planet is a durable and water resistant accessory that offers all-round protection to bench car seats. It is 55-inches by 57-inches, designed to fit most types of cars, and has durable buckles and straps for securing it on headrests. It also has a zippered side that works well for back seat passengers and well-designed slits that ease access to seat belts when riding with your kids. This way, you not only protect seats from spills, but also keep kids safe on the road.Good2Go No-Fur Zone Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover keeps pets comfortably in the back seat to help driving distraction-free. Save seats from claws and slobber and keep your pet's essentials organized in conveniently placed pockets. Fast Fact: During the shedding process, young hairs push out the old hairs. On average, dogs take about four months to grow a coat, though longer-haired breeds can take much longer!