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Color perception mechanisms are highly dependent on evolutionary factors, of which the most prominent is thought to be satisfactory recognition of food sources. In primates, color perception is essential for finding proper (immature) leaves. In , particular flower types are often recognized by color as well. On the other hand, mammals have less-developed color vision, since adequate light is needed for cones to function properly. There is evidence that light plays a part in color perception in many branches of the , especially . In general, the optical spectrum encompasses the most common in matter and is therefore the most useful for collecting information about the environment.

A  teacher could lose her job for using animal cones to discipline her students, officials said.

There are two basic types of monochromacy. "Animals with monochromatic vision may be either rod monochromats or cone monochromats. These monochromats contain photoreceptors which have a single spectral sensitivity curve."

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Animal rescuers in Britain were called to a farm where a sheep was seen with its head stuck inside an orange traffic cone. Once the fish are in a sugar coma, the cone snail reaches out with what's called a false mouth—it looks like it's throwing a cape over its prey—and drags a stupefied animal into its mouth. The snail then stings the fish with another set of toxins, just to make sure its victim is completely paralyzed.

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The Elizabethan collar can seriously impair your pooch's movements and you can expect that he'll be bumping into furniture and your legs on a regular basis. Move your furniture around to accommodate the size of the cone. Elevate your pup's food dishes to make it easier for him to reach his food. Groom your pup's face for him so that he feels clean, and if possible, completely bathe and groom him before his surgery. Try not to remove the collar during the entire time he needs to wear it, especially if your pooch is struggling to get out of it; this will only negatively reinforce such behavior, according to VCA Animal Hospitals. This means also walking your pooch with the collar on, not off.

May 10, 2012 - Students say the animal cone was meant to be a joke.

Photographer Erin Einbender photographs dogs in decorative head cones to help draw attention to homeless animals looking to get adopted. She started this project as her final photography project as a student at the School of the Art Institute, and now she's taking more photos for an art opening in which ticket proceeds will benefit an animal rescue group. (Chris Walker/Chicago Tribune)"All the dogs at One Tail at a Time, before they get adopted, get spayed or neutered and they looked so sad in their cones," said the 30-year-old Printers Row resident, who has volunteered at the local animal rescue group since October.