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Despite the growing number of companies in the market, the price of a dog DNA test is still quite high, . This might not seem like much for a dog owner who is looking to know more about their beloved pup’s history, but even at the low end of $60 per test the cost is prohibitive to shelters considering the number of dogs they take in each year. To conduct a DNA test for every dog that comes into a shelter would consume a significant portion of a shelter’s budget that could be used for other necessary items like food and veterinary care.

Moses talked to us via Skype from Africa, where he's on a trip to expand animal DNA testing.

“Mixed-breed DNA tests are as accurate as the diversity of samples they are based on and the computerized algorithms used to generate the results,” says Jerold S. Bell, DVM, a canine geneticist at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. “Dogs that are first-generation offspring of two pure breeds will have the most accurate results.”

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ANIMAL DNA TESTING Our parent company, DDC, is highly accredited for human parentage testing and molecular pathology through the American Association of Blood Banks, the New York State Department of Health, the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, and the College of American Pathologists. In addition, DDC Veterinary’s DNA test reports are recognized by the several industry organizations, including the Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals.

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When we contacted both companies, DNA My Dog offered to do a second test with new swabs from Brutus. Those results revealed he is Italian Greyhound, Rat Terrier and Catahoula Leopard dog. A DNA My Dog representative said the Great Dane result was likely due to some sort of contamination of the sample we sent in.

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The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) provides animal parentage verification, identification, forensics services, genetic diagnostics and genetic disease research as a self-supporting unit of the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis. VGL is internationally recognized as a pioneer and expert in DNA-based animal testing. VGL also offers an extensive animal forensic services program, diagnostic tests for genetic diseases, and support for genetic research in domestic species, primates and wildlife.
Katie Lytle, a veterinarian with Wisdom Panel, went over their results for Addie with me, pointing out how her traits were a good visual mix of the four breeds they found. In terms of the discrepancy between brands, she said that all of Addie’s Wisdom Panel results were also breeds that DNA My Dog tests for, but ventured that since Addie has two breeds in her that were raised to hunt waterfowl (Lab and English springer spaniel) "if you think about ancestral groups, English setters were in that class as well, so it’s likely that they [DNA My Dog] were identifying the evidence of the group.”While co-ops and rentals may use the tests if specific breeds are banned, in large part, the sales of DNA tests have been fueled owner curiosity and by animal shelters, which to help place pets into homes. When adopting a pet, prospective owners want to know how big the dogs will get, whether they're good with kids and if the dogs might be suitable for, say, apartment living. Knowing the breed makeup can shed light on that. Wisdom Panel even makes a shelter test called DogTrax, which gives fast-tracked results since shelter dogs so often have a short amount of time to find a home. Knowing a dog's breed is also helpful in knowing what health issues for which the dog may be at risk.Do you have doubts about the parentage of a recent litter?
Is it possible you may have a multiple-sired litter?
Would you like to offer your purchasers DNA-certified pedigrees?
DNA Parentage Testing for Canines is Fast, Affordable, and Powerful.