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Johnson has already trained officers in how to use the first aid kits, which contain among other things a muzzle, a blanket and instructions on how to handle an injured animal.

In this science activity, kids make an animal first aid kit and pretend to be veterinarians.

April is National Pet First-Aid Awareness Month, and although it is a topic pet parents should have on their minds year-round, this is a great time to make sure you learn animal life-saving skills and have a well-equipped up-to-date tool kit (aka your Pet First-Aid Kit) readily accessible. You probably have many items at home, but get them together in one place. Precious time is often wasted running upstairs for bandages and looking in cabinets for needed items.

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This handy Stuffed Animal First Aid Kit™ is a must-have for any responsible SA owner! Visibility: Having your pet first aid kit clearly and visibly labelled can be vitally important. Something like an indiscreet black nylon pouch will not be immediately recognizable as a pet first aid kit in the event that you have to send some one to retrieve your kit while your are attending to your injured animal. To this end it is very important to label your kit in some way, it could be as simple as an iron on first aid patch which you can pick up for a few bucks on Amazon, or you could create your own if your handy with a sewing machine. This will be discussed in more detail in the next step.

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Having a fully packed pet first aid kit can make the difference between life and death for your pet, so it’s important to be prepared. You should always have the name and contact information for both your veterinarian and the local veterinary emergency facility. Some general practitioners do not offer emergency services and may not be able to help your pet with their emergency. Pet Emergency Education, LLC proudly sells high quality, AKC licensed 20 piece travel first aid kits and 50 piece deluxe first aid kits. But whether you buy your kit from us or elsewhere, we can’t stress enough just how crucial having a first aid kit is when an animal medical emergency arises!

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In order to have all of your medical supplies on hand when you need them, it’s a good idea to put together a first-aid kit. The size and content of this kit will depend on the number of animals you own, and your own preferences. Remember—f you have any doubts about any medical treatment for your animals, contact your veterinarian first!aturally, not every item is necessary in every person’s first-aid kit. There are many other items that can be added depending on their need. I included the items found in my own first-aid kit that I have discovered are particularly useful to myself and my critters. If you have had good luck with other products, let us know. Remember—the first-aid kit is not just for rats and mice, most of the products are for use on other animals as well.