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Bring your feathered and scaly friends to Animal Lovers Boarding and Day Care facility in Torrance and they will experience the same love and attention that you give them at home.

At Animal Lovers Pet Shop in Torrance, our job is to help you keep your pets happy and healthy

Our mission is simple: Pets are family. They are fountains of uncritical love and affection and they trust us humans with their lives. Our mission is to treat them with the same love and affection and to have the trust they place in us well justified. Affordable Animal Hospital Torrance is staffed with animal lovers passionate about carrying out this mission. We know that when your pet first comes into our hospital, primal fears and anxieties may kick in. Through our gentle handling and soothing care we make every effort to put your pet at ease. We are dedicated to helping your pet live a long and healthy life. It is what we do. It is who we are.

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Get directions, reviews and information for Animal Lovers Pet Shop in Torrance, CA. At Animal Lovers Pet Shop in Torrance, our job is to help you keep your pets happy and healthy. We know how much you love your pets! Our staff is committed to continually learning more about pet care, products and nutrition. We promise to do our best for you and the animals you love.

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Animal Lovers Pet Shop
5141 Calle Mayor
Torrance, CA 90505

In shopping center at the northwest corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Calle Mayor.

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Animal Lovers Pet Shop is conveniently located in Torrance, in the Calle Mayor Plaza at Pacific Coast Highway and Calle Mayor (across from Ralph's market.)Bringing a new puppy or kitten into your family is the beginning of a lifelong companionship full of joy and love. They trust and depend upon you utterly and that’s a lot of responsibility. Our vet and support staff at Affordable Animal Hospital Torrance are passionate animal lovers and we know how to raise a new puppy or kitten in the healthiest way. It’s important for your young pet to grow up being used to visiting the vet and for you to be able to track your puppy or kitten’s development over the years. This is how healthy lives are ensured.Eko, the Kitten, is arrived in Torrance, Animal Lover's is his home. He is waiting for all his friends. EkoKat, the lightest cat litter in the market, is on the shelves.It turned out that no one had registered the microchip — which ironically Micco, then a vet tech, had put into the bird in 2006 — so paper sales records were traced to Animal Lovers pet store in Torrance. Surprisingly, the shop kept its old paper records and made note of the band number that was originally on the bird’s leg.