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While there are companies that offer you pet memorials that are made in a single style, we give you more options for customizing a pet memorial that shares your sentiments or something that stands out about your pet. If you have a favorite photograph, we can make a custom drawing from it and place it on the stone of your choice. We also have a variety of our own custom graphics that you can choose from as well. No matter how much or how little you want to say about your pet, your sentiments will be immortalized in stone with the customized graphics of your choice.

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We are here at your time of grief, as you cope with your loss, and want to help you remember your loving pet in a meaningful way by offering the highest quality pet memorial urns, keepsakes and caskets that will grace your pet’s memory with the dignity they so deserve. The two most popular ways we say our final goodbye to our departed pets is cremation or burial. Cremation offers a thoughtful and respectful way to make the love and memories you shared with your pet last forever. We have a variety of unique and handcrafted urns, keepsakes and memorials. Or you may choose a burial service. Whether it be a traditional burial service in a pet cemetery or a pet burial on private property, we would like to help. We offer some very special pet caskets and headstones with which to lay your best-friend to rest.

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Honor the memory of your departed canine with the Personalized Dog Memorial Stone We offer mini upright memorials in the same quality and style as our full sized products, made smaller for use as a pet memorial. We also offer flat or bevel options. Pet Memorial Tiles are a beautiful tribute to a lost pet and can be displayed just about anywhere! We also offer a cremation pet marker, the perfect tribute for your friend. This cat, dog or other pet marker has a cremation hole with a fully customizable black plaque. Lowell Granite Company provides a variety of pet memorials and finish work. Simply choose your favorite photo and memorial and we’ll take care of the rest.

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For example, a cat memorial can be in the shape of a feline, or a dog grave marker can be in the shape of a bone or pet paw. You can also memorialize your pet with our beautifully designed pet memorial garden stone. A Pet memorial is an ideal, lasting tribute for pet owners to memorialize and remember a valued and cherished companion.

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