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The health risks associated with nail polish are disputed. According to the U.S. ), "The amount of chemicals used in animal studies is probably a couple of hundred times higher than what you would be exposed to from using nail polish every week or so. So the chances of any individual phthalate producing such harm [in humans] is very slim." A more serious health risk is faced by professional nail technicians, who perform manicures over a workstation known as a "nail table," on which the client's hands rest – directly below the technician's breathing zone. In 2009, Dr. Susan Reutman, an with the U.S. 's Division of Applied Research and Technology, announced a federal effort to evaluate the effectiveness of in removing potential nail polish chemical and dust exposures from the technician's work area. These ventilation systems have potential to reduce worker exposure to chemicals by at least 50%. Many nail technicians will often wear masks to cover their mouth and nose from inhaling any of the harsh dust or chemicals from the nail products.

Every color is 7-Free, meaning it is free of the major chemicals and toxins common in nail polish.

Nail polish consists of a film-forming dissolved in a volatile organic solvent. that is dissolved in or is common. This basic formulation is expanded to include the following:

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We do not have any official certifications yet, but all Julisa nail polish is vegan and not tested on animals. Nail polish can be a sneaky hiding place for animal ingredients and harsh chemicals. I can't remember a time I bothered to look at the ingredients in nail polish before I went vegan.

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Thank you so much for this list, its so hard to be able to trust that companies are actually cruelty free, and they seem to have no problems wearing that label even if their parent company still tests on animals. Do you happen to know if UNT nail polish is cruelty free? Or do you know of any cruelty free companies which make peel off base coats?

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Besides, some of the bottles contains animal-derived ingredients. Why on earth would there be animal-derived substances in your nail polish?! Still, I´m in shock. Animal-derived ingredients that can be found in nail polish are:One of my new goals is to find as much as possible animal-friendly products and add them to my daily basis. While searching for a vegan and non-toxic brand, I found the German brand OZN. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional nail polishes.