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Nebraska is the lone state requiring that pet shops provide training in the appropriate care of animals to their employees. This knowledge is imperative for the employees who actually provide the day-to-day essentials to the animals. It is incumbent on these employees to be able to safely and adequately care for the animals in the pet stores’ custody as well as to observe the animals for signs of illness or stress and to promptly report such concerns to the veterinarian for follow-up.

City paperwork shows that Har Mar Pet Shop acquired animals from such breeders as recently as 2015.

(a) Any person who owns, operates, or maintains a pet shop or animal facility which sells or houses animals for sale, or sells animals through the internet, must have a valid license issued by the state for each store, or place of business. Every individual store operating as a chain of stores must have its own individual and separate license in order to operate. An annual fee of _____ shall by paid by each licensee.

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Police arrested the 32-year-old on Friday and charged her with theft by deception, cruelty to animals, and illegal operation of a pet shop. The top five sources for acquiring a pet are: friend/acquaintance, rescue centre, pet shop, recommended breeder, and private advertisement . There are studies in the literature examining animal infections in pet shops and other retail outlets –, but little exploration of human infections arising from these facilities. Whilst owning a pet will always result in a small risk of zoonotic illness to the owners and those that the pet comes into contact with, a sick animal in a pet shop can potentially spread the illness to other animals within the shop, and to a large number of geographically distributed owners as newly purchased pets are taken home. Pet shops can therefore act as a nexus point for zoonotic disease.

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Pet shops, like all animal owners and caretakers, are also required to provide adequate care. Adequate care includes providing an animal with adequate food, water, sanitation, housing, exercise and veterinary care to keep the animal in a good state of health. For more information, see .

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Michelson Found Animals Adopt & Shop pet store in Culver City was conceived in support of a single belief: all pets deserve a loving home. Our largest Adopt & Shop location opened its doors on May 12, 2014 in Culver City. Adopt & Shop is truly a one-stop adoption and shopping experience. We are the only nonprofit pet retail store in California that offers pet adoption, dog daycare, dog grooming, dog training, and a complete line of quality and unique products to support happy and health pets. Since our adoptable dogs and cats come from local shelters, every adoption saves the life of an at-risk animal, and gives them an opportunity to live a fulfilling life in a loving home. Adopt & Shop is dedicated to giving every animal the happiness and love they deserve, without exception. We love each of our animals, and get a sense of fulfillment every time we see them placed in the perfect home.Pets on Broadway is Portland’s largest, locally owned, independent pet shop conveniently located on the corner of NE Broadway and 28th. The doors opened in 1990 as a tiny shop on the corner, but it was not long before there was a need to expand and in 2004 major renovations were completed. To this day we continue to organize, renovate and upgrade all areas of the store.