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(b) The user fee for the transport ramp used to move animals on or off aircraft at APHIS's Animal Import/Export and Plant Inspection Station at Miami International Airport is $151 per use. For labor services associated with the ramp, the hourly user fees in § 130.30 will apply.

This proposed rule would establish a user fee of $151 for the animal ramp APHIS operates at Miami International Airport.

What was real was the mythic Animal Chin ramp. At the time, it was the largest, craziest ramp ever built, with a spine, a channel, extensions, another half-pipe connected via secret tunnel and a mini-ramp on the platform. In the same way generations of kids walked into a major-league ballpark for the first time and experienced the expansive green field opening up a world of imagination, every young wide-eyed skater in the late 80s saw the Chin ramp on their family room’s Magnavox TV and dreamed of one day skating it.

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Best Choice Products® Folding Pet Ramp & Stairs for Dogs Cats Pet Steps Ladder Animal Portable @ Deja's Serendipity Costs excluded from this calculation. We began our calculation of the appropriate user fee for the APHIS animal ramp at Miami International Airport by identifying the services APHIS provides while the ramp is being used for which we already charge user fees. Under § 130.30, “Hourly rate and minimum user fees,” APHIS currently charges for services such as sweeping the ramp, fully cleaning and disinfecting the ramp, supervising the use of the ramp, driving the ramp to and from the service site, and assisting with the use of the ramp. We omitted fees for these services in the calculation of the proposed ramp fee. We are proposing to charge the proposed ramp fee in addition to the fees for the labor associated with the ramp's use that we currently charge. Such labor fees would be charged to the ramp user at the existing applicable hourly rate user fee, or premium hourly rate user fee if the service is provided outside the normal tour of duty of the employee(s), for these services.

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Both the purchase and maintenance of this ramp are costly; however, because there is no specific user fee for the ramp's use under the current regulations, APHIS can only recover some of the labor costs incurred by its use through its current hourly rate user fee. We are, therefore, proposing to amend the regulations to establish a user fee of $151 per use to importers and exporters who use the animal ramp, so that APHIS may recover its costs. This would ensure that the importers and exporters who use the ramp pay for the benefits they receive.

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