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Chula Vista Animal Care and Control houses and cares for stray, unwanted, or displaced animals from National City. Every effort is made to place healthy, adoptable animals in new permanent, loving homes. Shelter Operations also coordinates foster home and volunteer programs, educates the community on pet overpopulation, and assists individuals who have lost or found a pet.

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The City of Chula Vista's Municipal Code states the following: 6.24.190 Harboring of strays.

No person shall harbor or keep any lost or stray dog for a longer period than 24 hours. Any person finding a lost or stray dog shall forthwith notify the animal shelter and turn it over to them. (Ord. 3226 § 1, 2012; Ord. 1706 § 2, 1976. Formerly 6.24.140).

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Discover Animal Shelters in Chula Vista, California with the help of your friends. Enforces animal-related laws, and provides adoption, lost and found, and sheltering services for the communities of Lemon Grove, Imperial Beach, and Chula Vista. Provides sheltering services for National City. Accepts complaints about barking dogs. Offers dog licensing services for Chula Vista residents. Provides referrals to low cost spay and neuter services.
Also offers special programs for qualifying low income individuals such as the No-Cost Spay/Neuter Program and the low cost Bundle Package.

Animal shelter is located in Chula Vista

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