THIS SUNDAY, March 15th 11am-3pm at the Martinez, CA animal shelter!

MARTINEZ — Pressure is building on Contra Costa County officials to hire a new Animal Services leader who will embrace so-called no-kill strategies that have paid dividends at some large public shelters where euthanasia rates have plummeted.

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We have rescue partnerships with several city and county animal shelters throughout Northern and Central California. It is these shelters who bear the responsibility of taking in, caring for the thousands of abandoned dogs and cats. The shelters we work with care a great deal about the animals in their care, and work with rescue groups like ours to save as many of them as possible. Many of our dogs, cats, kittens and puppies come from the animal shelters in Oakland, Martinez, Pinole, Madera County, Modesto, Amador County, Lake County, Redding, and many others. It’s estimated that nearly 1200 dogs and even more cats are euthanized each month in Central California alone, because these shelters receive far more animals than they could ever hope to adopt out. We bring these deserving dogs and cats to the Bay Area to find them homes.

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May 30, 2017 - Find Martinez, California Animal Shelter jobs and career resources on Monster Everyone involved with the Martinez Shelter is saddened to see this dog left outside, and relieved that a staff member found the dog and brought it inside. And we hope that this does not happen again. Please do not shoot the messenger – this was made public BY THE SHELTER in an effort to reach out and discourage people from leaving innocent, helpless animals outside. Please – if you find a dog (or cat) find a way to keep the animal safe and secure until the shelter is open. If you cannot hold the animal at your home, ask a friend or contact a local vet to see if they will keep the animal overnight. The shelter is OVERWHELMED with dogs (and cats) that people dump, surrender, or release to fend for themselves until they are picked up as strays. We want to save animals – we implore the community to want the same. Our surrender rates are very low – $30 for a licensed pet, $50 for an unlicensed pet. WE DO OUR BEST TO CARE FOR THE ANIMALS DISCARDED BY SOCIETY – our veterinarians treat the dogs and cats, we keep them as stray holds (hoping an owner claims them) then we work like crazy to find an adopter or rescue group to save our incredibly loving, adoptable dogs and cats. Please be part of the solution – spay and neuter your pet, adopt – don’t buy, and please consider becoming a volunteer. It is easy to criticize, it is more rewarding to help.

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MARTINEZ — This week’s windy and soppy weather may have caused an increased intake of dogs and cats at Contra Costa County Animal Services, a shelter that was already “flooded with animals,” a spokesman said.

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MARTINEZ, Calif. (KTVU) - Contra Costa County Animal Services in Martinez is offering free adoptions this weekend as a way to alleviate shelter overcrowding. "So we want to make it easy," said Beth Ward, director of the Contra Costa County Animal Services Department. "Let's get 'em in. Let's get 'em out."…just about any shelter will take them. we donate sheets and towels to contra costa animal shelter Address: 4800 Imhoff Pl, Martinez, CA 94553Phone: ……