Adoptable Pets from Yonkers Animal Shelter in Yonkers, NY

YONKERS, N.Y. – Yonkers is approaching the opening of its sparkling new animal shelter and hoping to cap off a multi-year fundraising effort with a little help from the state.

Join the team of volunteers at the Yonkers Animal Shelter and find the joy for yourself.

A subsequent examination from an SPCA veterinarian found the dogs to both be dehydrated, malnourished, and underweight with multiple skin infections. The pit bulls were treated for their maladies and transported to the Yonkers Animal Shelter, where they are now healthy and available for adoption.

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The NEW Yonkers Animal Shelter is located at 1000 Ridge Hill Blvd in Yonkers, NY The City’s Buildings, Engineering, Information Technology, Parks, and Public Works departments oversaw the construction of the new Animal Shelter which was funded by the City, County, State, ASPCA, Building Hope and several other organizations, we well as from donations from local residents like student Ncole Vene who donated money from her lemonade stand. The Yonkers Parks Department operates the Animal Shelter.

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Yonkers residents love their pets. The City of Yonkers aims to promote and protect the health, safety and well-being of all animals and pets through various services provided by the Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation and the Yonkers Animal Shelter.

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Our group works towards establishing a positive and supporting relationship with shelter staff, management and the public. We understand and appreciate the fact that the shelter staff work every day to keep basic functions of animal care, facility operations, dealing with the public and other priorities functioning. We will support shelter staff in these efforts wherever possible. Our continuing efforts are aimed toward enhancing adoptions, informing and educating the public, and improving/replacing the outmoded facilities. We advocate for resources and support fundraising efforts directed solely for the betterment of the Yonkers Animal Shelter and the dogs, cats and other animals in its care.Campers in the program believe Yonkes Animal Shelter is an important service project because it is important to them that shelter animals feel happy, wanted and are healthy since they do not have traditional homes. The program will be accepting supply donations through the end of next week, however campers encourage those interested to donate ASAP.For summer 2016, apprentice trainees are working with the Yonkers Animal Shelter to collect and donate supplies for the animals that call it home, and they’re calling on the ESF Riverdale family to help collect animal supplies!The next morning the mother of the young man went looking for her but they could not see her. The Yonkers Animal Shelter sent one of their staff members to the park and I contacted him when he arrived at the park. He told me he had her in sight. When I arrived at the park I saw him standing on the path above the field and as I got closer to him I saw her for the first time. She was lying in the shrubs very still, shaking with fright. At first we thought she was injured as she did not move. I had brought a can of food and a paper plate which I placed in front of her. She did not move towards the food. I sat a little apart from her on the rail pretending I was also eating out of the can. After about 10 minutes she gulped down the food. I went over and added the rest of the food on the plate and she came forward the slightest bit and ate the rest.