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The north county animal shelter, which will replace the use of the Orem animal shelter, will be built just north of the Lindon landfill. This was the same plot of land where Orem and other cities hoped to build the central facility.

Coldwell Banker Orem partnered with North Utah Animal Shelter at Orem Summerfest to find loving homes for dogs.

When an animal shelter houses stray dogs, no one expects that they will be stolen. The animal shelter in Orem has had the same stray dog stolen twice.

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Orem Animal Shelter Utah County officials will build a central animal shelter, a move that will resolve original concerns of how Orem and five cities in northern parts of the county will pay construction costs for a central facility.

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If the five cities were to build a central animal shelter, each would have to divide the cost of an estimated $1.3 million project, said Orem Police Lt. Bob Connor. The cost for each city would range from $50,000 to $700,000, depending on the percentage of usage each city wants to rent.

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This time line works well for Orem. The developer, who will buy the land where the Orem animal shelter and the Orem public works office now stand, will have until June 1 to finalize the land deal.Orem Police Lt. Bob Conner said the shelter, which is filled with stray and abandoned animals, must move from the current site at 950 N. 950 West.Orem says it needs to replace its aging, overcrowded animal shelter and is exploring with five other cities the possibility of creating a central facility for the northern part of Utah Valley.Dogs and cats picked up by animal control officers in north Utah County, including Orem, are brought to the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter in Lindon.Crews spent Friday moving animals from the Orem City shelter, which will be closed, to the new facility in preparation for today's official grand opening.And with that, he led the dogs into a fenced-in area on his property to wait for animal control officers, who took the dogs to the North County Animal Shelter, said Orem Police Lt. Doug Edwards.