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Animal Protection League is a 501(c)3 nonprofit volunteer organization founded in 1996 to aid stray and abandoned animals at the San Joaquin County/City of Stockton Animal Shelter. We pull animals from the shelter for foster, adoption and rescue efforts. In order to save as many animals as possible, we work with rescue organizations in California, Oregon and Washington. Our services and programs are made available through fundraising, donations and grants.

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We know about this history from City and State records, news stories, and animal records obtained through California Public Records Act requests. Staff comments in animal records show a long-term lack of compliance with mandatory stray hold periods; for example, this comment from 2007 on the record of a dog with the identification number A076990, “Advised [animal owner] of 72-hour hold.” At the time, state law required animals to be held four to six business days, and those holding periods had been in effect for almost 10 years. Stockton’s shelter performance has long been recognized as inadequate, and efforts at improvement have consistently been ill conceived and not evaluated.

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Animals may be adopted at our main shelter: Delta Humane Society & SPCA 4590 South Highway 99 Frontage Road Stockton CA 95215. ADOPT AN ANIMAL. Impounding fewer stray cats is a good practice that has been a component of high-save animal sheltering for a long time. Taking in cats only to kill them by the hundreds per month does not resolve citizen complaints, does not reflect the community’s values, and is not a wise outlay of taxpayer dollars. We are glad to see this change in the Stockton shelter’s operation, but we note that this change could have been made two years ago and would have had exactly the same effect. Also we note that this change provides a one-time boost in the performance numbers, and continued improvement will depend on the implementation of real life-saving initiatives, like a high-volume local adoption program and a strong system of local rescue organizations.

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To sum up, the partnership between the Stockton shelter and the SF SPCA has yet to yield important and badly needed advances in saving more lives. At CCPA, we know that you cannot get anywhere close to a 90% live-release rate by transferring animals out of town. The results of this partnership substantiate that belief. While a transfer program can be a good supplement to a robust local adoption program, it is no substitute. Furthermore, when not managed properly, there is the danger of skimming off the most desirable and valuable animals and shipping them away, thus depleting the pool of animals available to local rescue organizations and weakening the local rescue system.

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The Stockton Animal Shelter is the only municipal shelter for the City of Stockton and the majority of San Joaquin County. The Shelter intakes between 11,000 and 12,000 animals per year.

The Shelter is continuing to forge relationships with many rescue groups both locally and afar to increase positive outcomes for the homeless and abandoned animals of the City of Stockton and San Joaquin County. Phillip is the Director of the Stockton Animal Shelter and has been the director of the Shelter since January 1,2015. Prior to that he was a 9-1-1 Stockton police dispatcher and supervisor for almost 17 years. Phillip has a BS degree from California State University, Stanislaus in Social Science with concentrations in Psychology, Sociology and Communications.