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These are standard pet travel IATA approved pet shipping crate and kennel sizes. These sizes can vary from brand to brand please see note below. We can provide custom size animal shipping containers to accommodate any, and all pet sizes. If you have your own pet carrier please refer to the dimensions below. We use Vari / Petmate brand crates. As long as the dimensions are within an inch or two, and it is a plastic crate with a metal gate, most other brands, with the exception of the Nylabone collapsible, would be fine. The below dimentions are the base guidelines for dog transport and pet airline proper kennel sizes. All pet travel carriers must be the metal bolt together type. There are a few types that have clips, or a dial, and these are not air travel approved.

and histology, as well as live-animal shipping crates for health monitoring.

What is a “third Party shipper” some websites refer to?
A “third party shipper” is terminology made up by a very few disgruntled pet shippers who feel that other pet transporters should only work in their own backyard, and not make or receive shipments in other locales. This is not a term used industry-wide.

In reality, many corporations hold contracts with one pet transport company. They do not want to deal with dozens of pet shippers internationally. Therefore one pet agent makes the arrangements to move pets from place to place even if the move is not within their city or state, or country. Many of us, even without corporate contracts, do the same thing. Since there is a network of us around the world, and we all work together. So my company does not need to be in your city or state to make the arrangements for a shipment. Airborne Animals LLC can use a local agent who will handle the physical movement of your pet, and to supply the shipping crate if needed, while we will handle the airline arrangements, security forms, & the agent on the receiving end.

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Antelope Shipping Crate: • This is based on the requirements of the. IATA. • Interior dimensions set by the keepers' requirements for the particular animal to be. Health Certificate should be issued by a licensed veterinarian no more than 10 days prior to travel and proof of rabies vaccination. Shipping permit from the Bureau of Animal Industry. All forms required for your destination country should be attached to the crate.

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More common - and virtually unpoliced and uncounted - are the dogsand cats whose shipping crates are dropped, crushed, sent to the wronglocation, or damaged enough to allow the animals to escape.

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Keep in mind the media always focus on the bad things in life. In reality, airline reports show fewer than 30 animal injuries or deaths in an average year. Compare that to the statistic of over a million and half pets flying per year; it means on a fraction of one percent ever have a problem. In reality, most problems are caused by good intentioned pet owners who do not know about shipping pets. Using an inexpensive crate for example, creates a bigger chance of escape than using a heavier more expensive model; flimsier plastic kennels are more likely to have doors that pop open.
The majority of pets who become ill or die usually have an underlying health issue that was either undiagnosed or ignored.Airborne Animals LLC can supply an appropriate shipping crate for your pet bird’s travel. Although a crate can be custom made from wood, it must then meet international requirements for wooden containers. More frequently, we modify a cat or dog crate to meet the IATA requirements for a bird container. These work perfectly for budgies, cockatiels, parrots and most other pet bird species.