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Small animals such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice and more love soft, comfortable bedding for playing, nesting, burrowing and sleeping. It is important to keep your small pet supplied with clean, fresh, healthy bedding in order to promote its natural behaviors and reduce stress. Burrowing is an essential activity for many small animals, allowing them to feel safe from predators and relaxed. Recycled paper bedding, soft cotton bedding, aspen and pine wood grain bedding, and other soft, sterile beddings will make ideal substrates for your pet's ongoing health and comfort.

Pet Mountain's Small Pet Bedding store features top quality bedding material from the most trusted names in small pet car, including CareFresh, Kaytee, Super Pet, Vitakraft and more. is made with all natural aspen shavings that were specially processed to eliminate dust and wood debris that is found in common pet bedding materials. Aspen bedding comes from hardwood, eliminating aromatic oils found in other types of wood-made bedding. is a pillowy soft way to tuck your critter in. Be sure to provide a fresh handful of Night-E-Night to your furry friend every time you clean its cage to give it a cozy, comfy naptime experience. This ideal nesting material is made using safe tangle-free short fibers which are non-allergenic and completely colorfast providing your critter a super-safe sleeping experience. uses fine, reclaimed paper pulp to provide a soft, natural, and completely safe bedding solution for your pet. is made with all natural pine shavings and is specially processed to help eliminate dust and wood debris that is commonly found in other pet bedding. This bedding is recommended for use in open, well ventilated cages and terrariums and is not recommended for use in closed environments like habitrails or terrariums with limited to no ventilation.

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Seems to work ok so far! Aspen pet bedding chips PCed about 45 mins to hydrate. Spawned with a generous amount of colonized WBS.

This is a great option for chinchilla litter. This aspen bedding is shredded and low dust to help you keep your home clean and avoid irritating your chin. It’s also 100% eco friendly and biodegradeable. Works well for chinchillas and other small pets.

Kaytee Aspen Small Pet Bedding & Litter

Kaytee ; Aspen Bedding for Small Animals, As Shown ; Animals & Pet Supplies - Pet Supplies - Small Animal Supplies - Small Anim Elevate your dog's sleeping habits with the Aspen Pet Elevated Bed. Whether your dog spends its time resting indoors or outdoors, this elevated bed lifts the sleeping space up from the hard, cold, and sometimes wet ground. Elevated bedding helps regulate body temperature by allowing air circulation on all sides, keeping your pet cool in the summer and away from cold drafts in the winter. Made with sturdy, water-resistant fabric and a steel frame, this dog bed is equipped for diverse weather conditions. Bring the Aspen Pet Elevated Bed inside for pets who have trouble sleeping on hardwood or tile floors and at 7 inches off the ground, most dogs can get on and off the bed with ease.

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I'm glad to hear your bag wasn't as bad. The brand my store carried pervious to the premier pet was absolutely amazing. Dust free, and it was sooooo soft. Not too dried out. Thr pieces were shiny they were so soft. Thwe shavings are just a bit rough for my liking, but I think it's becaue they kiln dry them. And as for thr allergies, I have asthma. And never once had the aspen I usually get (I'll have to look up the name and get back to you on that lol) not once did it ever flare up my asthma. This brand, however, is making it truely awful. I can't breathe whenever I have to deal with thr bedding 😩. I jist got a second bag in hopes thay my first bag was just a bad one, but it proved to be abt the same. A tad bit less dusty, but still dusty enough to make me need my inhaler. Which sucks, becaue this is the only brand my store carries now. Kaytee aspen is what the brand was that I was referring too. Thoes shavings are soft. And virtually dust free. They almost feel like pine, where softness is concerned. I loved them. I wish they would carry the brand again. I still had the big chunks of bark and tree in my second bad of the premier pet as well. I'm a little ocd about the softness of my bedding, as my little guy just recently had gotten an injury on his front paw, turned into an abcess, ended up needing to make a trip to the vet, and ended up with a weeks worth of antibiotics. And thsee shavings scare me because of how rough they are. I worry they're gping to puncture their little paws lol. But, again, that's just my anxiety talking. I'm sure tht won't happen haha.

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