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How do I find a healthy snake? Good question. When choosing your ball python look closely at it. Make sure that the skin does not hang on the animal. The backbone should not stick out. The snake should be round in appearance, not triangular. Check to see if there are any mites or ticks do not purchase snake that have these external parasites. Snakes with fecal matter around the vent or scabbed over areas on the body should be avoided. Another common problem is respiratory infections. Wheezing, gurgling and mucus around the nostrils are indications of a respiratory infection this is also a snake to be avoided. Make sure to disinfect your hands before you look at any other reptiles in the store if you have handled a sick ball python. If the ball python you are looking at passes your visual inspection, ask to see its feeding record. If the pet shop can not give you a record, ask for a guarantee that the snake does eat. If they are not willing to do this for you DO NOT BUY the ball python! If they have other ball pythons to choose from that have feeding records, choose one of them. Once you bring the ball python home you may wish to have a fecal sample examined by a vet for possible internal parasites. More than one sample should be taken in at different times often parasites can be missed if only one sample is examined. Naturally buying captive bred is preferable to buying an imported animal. If at all possible buy a captive bred ball python. The breeder should be able to provide you with a feeding record. You will want to choose a hatchling that has voluntarily fed at least four times. Most captive bred ball pythons are available early summer through late fall.

Next time you think about purchasing your ball python from a pet store, think again.

Ball pythons are one of the most popular snakes kept as pets. There are some very good reasons for this. They are relatively small snakes, at least by python standards. They don't require a lot of maintenance. They are generally docile and reluctant to bite. And they're available in many different colors and patterns, known as "morphs."

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Ball pythons are reasonably easy to  for. Following are some tips for setting up and taking care of ball pythons as pets. Setting up the right ball python habitat often makes the difference between a healthy, happy and one that is prone to getting sick and in some cases, dying early. Ball pythons are one of the most popular pets among first-time reptile owners because they're not only really cool-looking, they're easy to take of and can live for quite a while if maintained properly. Even though this snake is easy to maintain, it still requires a properly-designed habitat where it can live in creature comfort.

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A ball python is a popular choice for pet snake, particularly for beginning snake owners. Ball pythons are a hardy breed that is gentle and easy to care for when compared to other more temperamental and high-maintenance snake breeds. Housing needs are fairly basic and simple, although they will need to be altered to accommodate the snake’s growth over time.

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