You can take him to Banfield Pet Hospital for a FREE pet exam &

These clinics are located inside of select PetSmart locations, so they’re really convenient to find! Try them out with a free pet exam for your furbaby! New clients can get a at Banfield Pet Hospital locations!

You can get a free exam and consultation for your pet at Banfield Pet Hospital located inside Pet Smart.

Complete the form for instant access to your printable coupon. Print and bring the coupon to your pet's first scheduled exam at your local Banfield, and the exam is FREE!

Coupon - Free Pet Exam at Banfield Pet Hospital.

The couple took Corny to what they thought was a free exam at a Banfield Pet Hospital -- the veterinary chain located in many PetSmart stores. With the link below you can sign up to get a coupon for a free office visit an physical exam from Bafield at . This is for new Banfield customers only. You can use more than one if you have more than one pet.

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Here is an offer where you can get a free pet exam, for your pet, at Banfield Pet Hospitals. **You will need to be a new customer, to claim this offer.

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New Banfield Pet Hospital clients can get a at any of their locations. Just head and enter your information on the form and your coupon will be sent via email. Enter your zip code then select your location to request an appointment and be sure to bring your coupon so your exam will be free. Adopted our 2nd dog through Petsmart and got coupons from the shelter for Banfield. Took my dog in for 1st flu shot and got a free exam. Was told to return in about 3-4 weeks for the 2nd booster. Along comes a large size postcard where it stated in big bold letters "Bailey's vaccinations are OVERDUE!" As to do more harm, the postcard was misdelivered to our busy-body neighbor. She was very quick to deliver it to me along with a lecture about caring for our dog, and she expects to see the dog on leash at all times. "Can't have rabid animals running around, don't 'ya know" I was told.Complete the form to get your free pet exam coupon and redeem at the hospital during your visit. Banfield Pet Hospitals are uniquely located inside PetSmart stores, so please use the locator at the bottom of the page to find your nearest location.