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Bark Easy offers full-service dog and cat grooming in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Our experienced groomers are all animal lovers and enjoy what they do. We provide excellent services by offering both customized and breed standard pet styling. We get to personally know our customers and their pets. Not all pets like to be groomed but we make it as pleasant an experience as possible, using the finest products and room-temperature drying (never hot air blowers).

Funny Pets prepared for you a video of Puppies Learn to Howl and Barking, check it out!

At Land Bark Pet Supplies, we understand that your pet is a part of your family. Like the rest of your "family", you want to provide them with the best food products available. We feel the same about our own pets.

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Because every animal is unique, Riverbark centers our wellness, behavioral and nutritional care around your pet's lifestyle and specific needs. Bark Avenue Pet Food & Supply is located at the east end of the plaza. It is stocked with the best choices in holistic, nutritious pet foods, along with many options for treats, toys, and bedding. The knowledgeable staff is able to answer your questions and make recommendations that fit your pets’ needs!

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Do you have pets that need food, water, potty breaks, walk breaks, medical needs, or just some playtime and affection? In today’s society, with long working hours and living in a big metropolitan area with unpredictable traffic, your pets at home may need some special attention in your absence. Bark At The World’s professional pet sitters can provide that special attention, whether it is pre-planned or needed on the spur of the moment.

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Noah's B'Ark North is a volunteer based 501(c)(3) non-profit local dog rescue dedicated to finding permanent loving homes for unwanted and homeless pets in our community.Bark Avenue has provided outstanding experiences to pets from the East Valley since the mid 70’s. Whether you need lodging, grooming, daycare, a visit to the vet, or a shopping trip to the pet store, we have what you need. Our traditional, well maintained resort rooms and spacious outdoor park-like areas, offer a distinct, natural environment found no where else in East Valley. The dogs that enter into our program come from overcrowded shelters where some suffer from neglect, abuse and abandonment. These animals are given the time they need to rest and recover both emotionally and physically in loving foster homes.

To meet and adopt a Noah's B'Ark dog please come by our Adoption Events most weekends at PetSmart in Rohnert Park or submit an online application for an appointment outside the Adoption Event.

Bark at the World is a green facility, using all Melaleuca Wellness Company cleaning products, which are completely non-toxic and chemical free for the safety of your pets! Keep your pets and family safe by using Melaleuca to clean your home and care for your family. directly for information on how to start receiving the products. Click the image below to learn more about Melaleuca.