Partner, Co-Managing Director, Barrett Petfood Innovations.

Although the idea of creating a pet food brand of its own has come up as a future business venture, Barrett Innovations has decided to remain focused on manufacturing quality food. The company also hopes to grow and support the local economy, using more locally sourced ingredients and hiring more people.

Stacy Hayes works the packing line at Barrett Petfood Innovations in Brainerd, MN.

But it isn't just about innovation or finding a niche market for the Barretts; as pet owners themselves, the brother and sister pride themselves on producing high-quality foods they can stand behind personally.

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Tom Barrett, vice president of business development and purchasing, Barrett Petfood Innovations Run by brother and sister duo Tom and Sarah Barrett, Barrett Petfood Innovations is poised for explosive growth in the premium pet food market from its humble origins as a family farming operation. The company produces more than 150 different kinds of pet food - from those for dogs and cats to iguanas and large omnivores - and might be the only pet food manufacturer in the world experimenting with growing its own ingredients on site.

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Barrett Petfood Innovations is growing at a rapid pace and has become a highly respected full-service super premium pet food manufacturing company since its founding by Mike Barrett. In recent years Mike’s children, Sarah and Tom, have taken over the organization but Mike is still involved through a different role. His farm is one of the main ingredient sources for the company.

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Nick and Gretchen own and operate their own farm, 2 miles west of the Main Farm location. They raise and sell strawberries, raspberries, and beef. In 2011 they welcomed their twin daughters,Heather and Savannah, who are an absolute joy and so much fun to watch grow up! They are very good helpers in the strawberry patch and enjoy helping take care of all the animals. Gretchen is aCertified Veterinary Technician and also works at Barrett Petfood Innovations (Barrett Ag Service). Nick is an electrician and works for A&J Electric, he also does electric motor repair forfarming equipment, at Sunrise Ag in Pierz. Sarah and Tom Barrett, siblings and co-directors of Barrett Petfood Innovations, met with Klobuchar and discussed national issues that impact their business—everything from farm subsidies to Obamacare to U.S. trade relations with the Far East.In 2005, the company added the necessary machinery to successfully manufacture pet foods, starting with bird feed and eventually adding a full line of animal feed and pet food as well. Sarah, director of operations, joined the team in 2006 and her brother made it an official family business when he came on as vice president of business development and purchasing in 2009. After nearly 10 years of successful pet food manufacturing, the company re-branded under the more suitable Barrett Petfood Innovations name.Barrett Petfood Innovations, which produces premium and exotic pet foods, received the 29th annual Governor’s International Trade Award for Agricultural Commodities/Processed Food.