BTW, is this fountain battery-operated or plug-in electric?

This water bowl fountain is suitable for both dogs and for cats. This is not battery operated and works with gravity. The ingenious design is travel-friendly and can hold up to 2 liters of fluid. This bowl causes less mess as it keeps the level of water to a minimum. The construction is solid and has rubber feet so that it doesn’t topple over easily. The liquid is replenished from the storage compartment whenever the pet takes a drink.

360 degree design lets cats drink from this pet fountain from any side

With this fountain that is pet, no battery to make it operate would be needed by you. The charcoal filters clean the water and makes it free of debris and dust particles making the water fit for drinking and also adding to the flavor of the water.

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Your cat can drink from any side of this pet fountain because of its unique 360 degree access Another option to give your pet water is the electric or battery operated water fountain. These fountains have water circulating through a pump so the water is always moving. It encourages pets to drink more often and the circulating water will keep it much fresher. However, they will still be needed to be cleaned about twice a week as pet hair, dust and lint will collect in the system.

"Is this big enough for a normal dog to drink out of

Electric or battery-operated water fountains circulate water through a pump keeping it constantly moving. They encourage pets to drink more regularly, as the circulating water is better oxygenated and fresher. While they don't need to be cleaned daily with soapy water, as is suggested for standard water and food dishes, biweekly maintenance is recommended. A carbon filter will help remove minerals and chemicals from water, but over time it can become clogged with hair and dust, slowing the circulation of water and allowing harmful bacteria and fungi to grow.

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