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Only crate your pooch well exercised, distracted and for a maximum of 5 hours.To select the best crate for your pet, you have to consider your dog’s destructive tendencies, your needs, and your budget.

The best crate for your pet depends largely on your dog’s behavior and how it will be used.

Why it's at #10? This Advantek Pet Gazebo Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel is last on our list of best extra large dog crates because of the space at the bottom, which can allow smaller dogs to scurry under and escape. Though the design is unique and serves a gazebo purpose, it can’t work for all dogs.

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NEW Black 36" 3 Door Pet Folding Dog Crate Cage Kennel w/ABS Tray #14 #BestPet A crate will serve as your pet’s cozy retreat to help give him some calm space for highly stressful moments. Their crates are the best alternatives to dens that dogs tend to seek while in the wild, which offers them a safe space for naps and other activities.

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For smaller dogs that you’ll bring along in the cabin with you, your best bet may be a soft crate. These sorts of crates will offer superior comfort for your pet and are generally lighter and easier to maneuver in the tight quarters of an airplane’s cabin. If your chosen companion has a somewhat diminutive stature you’ll find that these are the way to go.

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Buying the best soft sided dog crate can be a complicated matter and oftentimes pet owners find it difficult to make a good choice they wouldn't regret later. Unlike the case with metal crates, best soft sided dog crate must follow a few more rules to be considered a good choice for purchase .There has been a time when best soft sided dog crate was one of the best options for your loyal canine, but it seems like their quality has dropped a little (and it should've been the price instead!) But it's not all bad, not by any means. This dog soft crate's biggest issue is its lightweight quality fabric, which means it won't be suitable for any canine. However, the kennel itself has a sturdy frame, with good looking design and seems to be comfortable for most pets.After considering the above, we've done our research for finding top five best soft sided dog crate that will suit the needs of most pet owners looking for a lightweight, portable product. The same way we did the list, best value for the price, quality, manufacturer's reputation and, most importantly, customers' reviews were considered when picking only the very best items. Here's our top 5 picks for the most recommended and best priced soft crates for dogs.This 3-door soft crate's stylish design is easily one of the most attractive out there. The steel frame and fabric are reported to be extra-durable and it's made to be well-ventilated for the benefit of your pet (of course you exchange the “inside darkness” for that). It's fairly open all around, has a huge amount of room for larger dogs, zippers work as they should and it's extremely lightweight! Without a doubt one of the best soft dog kennels online. On top of all that, EliteField offers 100% product satisfaction with any time money-back guarantee! If you won't like it – which is unlikely – return it at any time for a full refund.