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The obvious choice, an inexpensive goldfish in a fish bowl, is not necessarily the best choice. Goldfish grow faster than you realize, and will soon outgrow any fish bowl, and perhaps even suffocate in the unfiltered water. A fish bowl and a goldfish is simply not a proper choice for a first pet for a child. Two of the best species of "first fish" for kids are guppies and platyls. Both are hardy types of fish, and they neither grow quickly nor large, reaching, at most, 2" of length as adults. If you're looking for a colorful tank of little fish, platyls become very bright red as adults, and guppies mature with shades of yellow and green on their fins and body.

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Kids and pets just go together, and I have found out the hard way moms do all the work. My kids did not help much when they were home, and now they are at college. Do not get me wrong; I believe every kid needs a pet. A PET, not a house full! We currently have two dogs after loosing my baby girl last November. Our oldest dog is an 8-pound toy poodle. He will be 18 years old this year and requires so much work. Every morning we wake up to a huge mess. He has to be hand feed and pick up and taken outside because he cannot walk. We have had so many animals over the years including fish. Our Betta fish did not survive hurricane, Katrina and everytime my son sees one reminds me that I owe him a fish. We could not take it with us. That was over ten years ago, and he is in college. Moms just cannot win! What we will do for our kids and animals.
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Best wishes with your fish!

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Find best supplies for Canada pet fish for kids and source selective pet fish for kids dropshipping suppliers to Canada. From the day they were born, my sons always had a Corgi pup in their lives. Having a dog to help raise and teach the boys about kindness and responsibility was a blessing. Sadly, while the kids were visiting their dad in Florida, our dog passed away. On the way home from the airport I had to tell them what happened. The drive from Logan Airport to the North Shore took 45 minutes and as we headed home I asked a simple question. "What are your very best memories of Lannie?" It was a risk, I know, because this was a huge loss for them. For the next 30 minutes they shared and laughed. They also decided it was too soon to get another dog. But not too soon to get some gold fish!! We stopped at the mall in Peabody and they each picked out a gold fish (we already had the tank, etc. at home). So Fatso and Tiny came to live with us and lasted long beyond the life expectancy of 99 cent gold fish. IMHO I wouldn't exactly describe fish as pets, but they can teach your children lots about responsibility and the value of life.

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4. If your family member has an allergy, then fish is the best pet for your kids since they are in the water and there won't be any direct contact with your children.

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Today, we will discuss the best pet fish for kids. Fish make the best pets for children because they help to teach responsibility. There have been studies that showed that fish tanks can help reduce stress in people's lives. There is also the added benefit of being easier to take care of when compared to dogs or cats.Betta Fish are definitely the best pets for kids! I just purchased a Teddy Tank for my five year old son, who has always wanted a pet. As a working mother I do not have time to take care of animals. However, the Betta Fish is super easy to care for and the Teddy Tank keeps my son super engaged. I love to watch him feed the Teddy Tank through the mouth- very cute! I am glad that I purchased the Teddy Tank for my son and he enjoys caring for his Betta Fish.