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The ideal temperature in the hide box is 86 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. This is a leopard gecko’s hotspot. The ambient air temperature should be at least 73 degrees. An undertank heating pad or heat tape is the best way to provide the proper hotspot temperature. Avoid heat rocks because they tend to become too hot and might burn your pet gecko.

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A standard 15–20 gallon aquarium can comfortably house one or two adult leopard geckos. Larger groups can be kept together provided that the aquarium is large enough with multiple hiding spots and feeding dishes. More than one male should not be housed in the same enclosure as they are prone to fighting. Many options are available for the substrate or bottom lining of the cage. Most of these should be avoided. Sand, wood chips, and corn cob bedding all have the potential to cause impactions if accidentally ingested. Additionally, wood chips, corn cobs, and other organic substrates like peat moss can retain too much moisture, leading to mold problems. Indoor/outdoor carpeting is an acceptable choice, but may be difficult to clean properly. The best option usually is to use newspaper or paper towels to line the aquarium. They are cheap, easy to clean, and unlikely to cause problems with impaction or mold.

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My daughter wants a pet gecko. How do we make sure it has the best home? Leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) make for great beginner pet lizards for hobbyists of all ages. Crepuscular in nature, they are the most active during twilight around dusk and dawn. Due to their gentle and docile temperament, leopard geckos are one of the best reptile pets for handling. They are usually skittish when they are young, but they become much more docile and calm as they get older.

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In addition to fruit, crested geckos relish insects and some hobbyists choose to offer these as either a primary diet or as supplementary diet. Crickets now sold in the pet trade are the best choice and you should select a size where length of cricket equals width of head. Crickets should be lightly coated with a vitamin/mineral supplement that contains calcium, vitamin D3 and a complement of other essential vitamins and minerals. They should be offered three times a week as a primary diet or once a week as a treat/supplement to the Crested Gecko Diet.

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