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In general cleaning the tarantula’s cage should not be cleaned more than every 4 – 6 months. Tarantulas are not messy pets, they excrete a quick-drying fluid that has virtually no smell or mess. Before transporting your pet tarantula, ensure that you are in a confined space as these pets are quick on their feet to find hard to get to hiding places. Always transfer your tarantula to a secure holding container before beginning to clean the tank. Remove everything from the tank, wash it inside out. Replace all the substrate and don’t forget to scrub out the water dish, don’t just rinse it. The water dish will need to be cleaned regularly to prevent it from becoming moldy or fouled by an insect that drowns. Remember, the more you put in, the more you have got to clean….and you will have to clean the enclosure at some time. Some people like to decorate the interior with silk plants, leaves etc. It is not necessary and is more of a personal choice rather than a requirement for their habitat, simple is best. However, most tarantula owners like to decorate with real plants and leaves, thus giving it a very naturalistic look. The trade-off, of course being a more through cleaning, is worth it? That is a question you will have to answer when setting up the cage / enclosure for your tarantula.

Cobalt blue tarantulas are best for experienced owners and not safe pets for children.

Some species of tarantula are known for their docile nature and are handled by some keepers. Others have defensive dispositions and are quick to bite. We do not recommend handling any tarantulas, primarily for the safety of the spider. Tarantulas are extremely fragile creatures that can easily be injured from a fall or other mishap. In addition, all tarantulas are venomous and have the ability to bite. Their venom may not be life-threatening, but it can cause severe pain and several days of muscle spasms and cramps. Tarantulas are untamed animals and unpredictable. They are terrarium pets like tropical fish or frogs and are best enjoyed through observation and care, not interaction.

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At TarantulaPets, we have experimented with many and found that this works the best for the Tarantulas that we recommended here for beginners When deciding what type of substrate you want to go with, it really boils down to preference. Sand is generally not recommended, the only exception would be using it as a small part of a mixture that contains mostly soil. Things like gravel, perlite or corn cob or any other type of small animal bedding, especially cedar shavings should always be avoided. This is why the above ones are the only ones I would recommend. At TarantulaPets, we have experimented with many and found that this works the best for the Tarantulas that we recommended here for beginners. Most of which are burrowers and are not a fan of high humidity. If you choose to go with something else, please ensure that it is chemical and pesticide proof, this can potentially prove to be fatal for you pet tarantula.

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There are many different species of tarantula spider available to buy as pets, but for the purpose of this article I will stick to just three: the Pink toed tarantula, the Curly haired tarantula and the Chile rose tarantula. These three, in my opinion, present the best choice for a beginner, because they all share a rather placid nature and are therefore less likely to bite – if you choose to handle them that is, and not all spider keepers do.

My List of Great Tarantulas for Beginners