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The Best Part: Owning a bunny takes just as much work as a dog or cat, but just in a different way. They still need to see a vet every year for a physical, but they don’t need vaccinations. Rabbits live up to 10 years or more, so plan on having a rabbit as a family pet for its lifetime. Just like any other pet, bunnies don’t deserve to be bounced from home to home because a family doesn’t want to make time for them anymore. Rabbits are a big responsibility for their entire lifetime, but also are very rewarding. They go crazy when they hear the treat bag crinkle, they do zig-zags and funny hops when they get excited about getting let out of the cage, and they are the cutest home decoration you can find. Once you bond with a rabbit, you’ll find there’s no other rabbit like yours.

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Baby rabbits are very cute for a while, but they will grow up. If you get a fully grown rabbit, then you know exactly how big the rabbit will be. Many pet shops sell rabbits as "dwarfs" but they grow up into big rabbits. Also baby rabbits will grow up and go through bunny puberty. This is where male rabbits spray everything in urine to mark territory, and both male and female rabbits can get aggressive. Until the rabbit is old enough to be spayed, there is nothing you can do. Also rabbit's personalities can change with puberty. A cuddly friendly bunny may turn into a big territorial finger biting terror. When you adopt an older rabbit (>6 months), his/her personality won't change much. If you do end up buying a baby rabbit, please make sure it is 8-10 weeks old. May pet shops take the baby rabbits away from their mum's far too early. Baby rabbits need to stay with their mum (doe) to develop intestinal bacteria. While the babies are drinking milk from the doe, their intestines are sterile. When they start eating solid food, they also eat the doe's poops. Taking the babies away too soon means they may develop intestinal problems later on due to the lack of healthy bacteria.

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Mar 25, 2016 - Youngsters enjoy the opportunity to pet a bunny rabbit at the Los Angeles Zoo's Big Bunny Spring Fling According to the rescue, eight out of 10 rabbits bought for Easter soon will be looking for new homes. In a best-case scenario for the unwanted pets, either the owner or advocates such as Macbeth’s rescue group find Thumper loving foster care. Worst case, Bugs is set free along the bunny trail, doomed to live in fear before he’s eventually killed and eaten by a predator. Or perhaps Peter ends up in the belly of a big snake after the reptile’s owner responds to a free-rabbit-to-good-home Craigslist ad.

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Here is our precious Flemish Giant baby bunny sleeping, well, like a baby :-) gosh she is soooo soo cute!!! her name is Butterscotch. ( her nickname is Butters) She will grow up to be very BIG. If you are thinking about getting a rabbit, Flemish Giants make amazing pets! They are very very sweet and gentle. She loves getting kisses on her nose. She will come up to you under your hand to pet her. She luvs attention :-)

Cages must be in the shade so the rabbits do not overheat.