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As far as cages go, "the bigger, the better" almost always applies to pets, and rats are no exception. Ideally, you want the biggest cage you can afford that's still safe for your furry friend. Rats are extremely intelligent creatures who thrive on exploration and enriching playtime. A bigger cage allows for more toys and accessories without giving up valuable floor space. Multistory cages are also ideal, as your rat will enjoy climbing and exploring the different areas. If you don't have a lot of space, follow the 2 feet rule: the cage needs to be a minimum of 2 feet deep, wide and high. Many commercially available "rat" cages are not big enough to properly house a pet rat.

Apr 25, 2017 - Even a large rat can enter an opening the size of its head

Rats Bigger Than Cats Living in Florida Keys - as part of the news and politics series by GeoBeats.

For most people, rodents are either cute-little creatures they keep as pets or a minor nuisance they might occasionally spot in their home.

For some residents of Florida Keys' they are a bigger problem - literally.

Giant Gambian rats that can be bigger than cats have made Grassy Key their home.

According to NBC Miami, a local breeder let them escape 10 years ago. Authorities have been trying to rid the this area of the huge rodents ever since!

It was believed all the rats had been caught in 2009, until a resident alerted officials that there were more running around in 2011.

The Gambian rats are a sub-Saharan African species usually living in thickets or termite mounds. They have poor vision but a strong sense of smell and have been used to detect land mines. They can grow up to 9 pounds, bigger than an average newborn baby! Additionally, they can be as long as 3 feet.

Back in Florida Keys', there is a concern if these are not contained and spread to other areas, they can damage crops and upset the natural local ecosystem.

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Pet rats are domesticated animals and very different from wild rats; as different .. I dreamed that I was sitting on the floor (it had carpet that was dirty) and I looked under the bed and there were 2 dead rats (they were patched with black and white colors). There were also 3 big dead roaches. While in the dream the only thing I felt was curiosity about why there and my feelings were neutral, were there. Any idea what this means.

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RAT SOUND EFFECT - A very big and angry rat making very loud ..

Male rats tend to become heavier and bigger than females. Rats have been domesticated for more than 100 years, according to the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association. A baby rat you adopt as a pet might grow to several times its original size. A rat's smaller ears, wider muzzle and thicker tail help to distinguish it from a mouse. A well-fed rat becomes larger than a rat with a limited food supply.Mice are very small and fragile, which is one of the reasons they are not suitable pets for young children. Rats also need careful handling but they are bigger, and often friendlier, making them good family pets. If you are renting, note that landlords might approve mice or hamsters but have a different reaction to rats, even though pet rats aren't the same as the wild pests. Keeping the two species in the same cage is not at all a good idea. They aren’t natural friends and you run the risk of severe injury or death to both parties. The best friend for a mouse is another mouse and for a rat, another rat.