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Feb 19, 2014 ... Find out how much pet insurance costs and how much money it can save ... Cat Insurance Cost: $27.58; Bird Insurance Cost: $15.75; Exotic Pet ...

Pet insurance companies that cover birds - Answered by a verified Bird Veterinarian.

Yes, there is. You can get your birds covered under an avian or exotic pet insurance plan sothat you can ensure that they will live longer.

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Pet insurance for birds have very affordable premiums soit's best that you purchase cover for your feathery pets. In addition to providing quality pet insurance for cats and dogs, Nationwide is one of the very few companies that also has policies available for birds and exotic pets. They offer a wide variety of plans to choose from, though pets must be under 10 years of age to be eligible.

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Nationwide is unique when you consider they insure birds and other exotic pets in addition to cats and dogs. In fact, Nationwide earned the top spot for Avian and Exotic Pet Insurance in our round-up of . This includes all types of animals from rabbits and hamsters to iguanas and snakes. Because treatments needed by these types of pets are very different and commonly more expensive than treatments for cats and dogs, a special policy is necessary to make sure they receive an appropriate level of coverage. Note that you cannot get a quote for birds or exotic pets on Nationwide’s website so you must .

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There are also optional multiple bird cover - especially forthose who own bird-rooms and aviaries. If your pet bird is also a bird of prey,you can buy additional insurance which will pay when your bird flies away andfails to return.Pet Assure is a low-cost pet insurance alternative. It's perfect for birds! Learn why more than 100,000 households have chosen Pet Assure for their pets. bird Pet ...FCIS Insurance can help you enroll with to cover your dog, cat, bird, or exotic pet. VPI helps you pay for major surgeries, minor incidents and routine care. Routine care includes vaccinations, annual physical exams, heart worm protection, a choice of spaying or neutering, prescription flea control and much more. And you can visit any veterinarian, anytime, anywhere. Your pet is part of the family now; protect him with the best possible pet healthcare!Birds, rabbits, horses, oh my! If you're looking for pet insurance for an exotic pet this is the spot. Get free insurance quotes for your exotic pet today!If you want coverage for your bird, rabbit, reptile or other exotic pet, you'll find it only with Nationwide. This affordable exotic pet insurance plan covers accidents ...As part of the Nationwide family, VPI now represents about 70% of the pet insurance market for dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets across all 50 states. Continuing that legacy, Nationwide employs almost 500 people at our Brea office.