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By Valerie Trumps Whether you’ve never owned a bird or just want to make sure you’re doing the right thing by your feathered friend, having the appropriate essentials is paramount to the health and happiness of your pet. According to the Association of Avian Veterinarians, here’s what you need and why you need it: Of course, lots of other toys and supplies are available for your feathered friend, but these are good for a start.

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The only supplement that should be necessary if you are feeding your lovebird correctly is calcium. Calcium can usually be offered in the form of a cuttlebone or calcium treat that attaches to the inside of your bird’s cage. If you notice that your bird does not touch his cuttlebone or calcium treat, a powdered supplement such as packaged oyster shell can be added directly to your pet’s food. Follow the directions on the supplement package.

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Essex Bird Shop & Pet Supply is the only full range pet and livestock supply on Cape Ann Contrary to popular belief, conures DO NOT live by seed alone! Recent studies regarding companion bird diets have revealed that . A seed only diet can result in nutrient deficiency and diseases such as liver disease, kidney disease, obesity and cardiac disease, all of which can severely shorten the life expectancy of your pet. Seed is very limited in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Even the new “fortified” seed diets on the market are still lacking, as the bird will only eat the inside of most seeds, leaving the “hull” behind. Therefore, the bird never properly ingests the good nutrient coating on the outside of the seed. Conures need a good quality pellet diet in order to thrive properly. As seed can be used as only part of the diet, it should be balanced out with other offerings. Pellet diets (available at Pet Supplies Plus) have been carefully formulated to meet the specific needs of the pet bird, therefore properly meeting the majority of the dietary needs of your bird. Your bird should also be offered fresh vegetables (especially leafy greens), fruit and grain daily. Please see our sheet that outlines the fresh foods your pet will appreciate. Never feed your parrot chocolate, sugar, fried foods, avocado, or junk food. NOTE: Be sure to remove any fresh foods that have not been eaten within a 24-hour period. Also, conures are notorious for dipping their food in their water bowls before eating it, so do be sure to check the water regularly!

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Cockatoos need a clean, warm, mentally stimulating environment. A large, wrought iron, powder coated parrot cage, free of rust and chips, is the best home for a pet cockatoo. For a large cockatoo, the cage should measure at least 40x30x50. For a smaller cockatoo, the cage should measure at least 30x20x43. The spacing between the bars of the cage should be no wider than ¾ of an inch to an inch wide. If the bars are too far apart, your crafty bird is very likely to try to squeeze through them and get stuck. The cage should be placed in a family centered room where the bird(s) will feel a part of the “flock”; however the back of the cage should be positioned against a wall to provide security. Your parrot will feel threatened and nervous if it is in direct traffic. Avoid drafty areas and any placement that will get too much direct sun for any portion of the day. If your bird spends time out of his cage, make sure that any ceiling fans are off while he is out. Do not place your bird’s cage in the kitchen, as cooking fumes and even a small amount of smoke can be fatal. Average room temperature will be fine for your bird, not to exceed 80 degrees. Be careful of drafts from air conditioning, especially when bathing and misting. Perches of varying materials and types should be included in the cage. We recommend having at least three different types. Having different types will exercise the feet and prevent sores and foot related health issues. See the recommended supplies section. At least three clean bowls should be ready for use; one for fresh water, one for seed/pellets and one for fresh foods. Your bird may appreciate a cage cover for nighttime. The cover can block out any extraneous light and create a more secure sleeping place. Be careful not to use any fabrics that your bird might catch his claws or beak in, or that he might pull strings from and eat.

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