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Parakeets, sometimes referred to as budgies, make excellent pets for those interested in caring for a feathered friend or for those that want a smaller pet bird. They are commonly yellow and green, but a fancy or rare parakeet’s plumage can come in a rainbow of colors and combinations. Like most birds, parakeets are quite social, and will become lonely without daily interaction or a play mate. At a minimum, their habitat should be 18” x 18” and include a couple of different sized perches, cuttle-bone, toys and fresh food and water daily. Like many other domesticated birds, parakeets can mimic sounds and be taught to talk. You’ll find a large selection of parakeets for sale, along with their accessories at Petco.

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Cruise into Petco and check out the green cheek conures and the wide selection of bird habitats for sale. Green cheek conures may be one of the smallest of their species, but they also have one of the biggest personalities. You’ll often find them hanging upside down on their perch or bouncing on their cage bars trying to get a laugh out of you. Most parrots are very vocal, but you’ll find the green cheek conure is quiet in comparison. Being quieter doesn’t mean they are loners though, and these feathered frolickers enjoy plenty of interaction and a variety of toys to keep them stimulated. You’ll find a wide selection of conure bird accessories for sale at Petco to keep your pets busy and thriving.

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10 Items - Wild bird seed on sale at PetSmart includes gourmet seed mixes for outdoor birds Two locations in South Philly and Fairmount Park and one in nearby Audubon, NJ make this independent pet store a convenient stop for bird owners. Quality supplies and bird food brands such as Kaytee and Zupreem are sold here, and there’s even a walk-in vet clinic on site. In addition, a selection of small birds are available for sale at this store. Monster Pets has been family-owned and operated for more than 10 years in Philadelphia.

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As the smallest member of the cockatoo family, cockatiels are often regarded as an ideal starter bird and are a popular family pet. Cockatiels are known for their whistling and can even learn a few phrases. These charming birds are generally very affectionate, but may require some taming before they are comfortable. Although they are a smaller bird, cockatiels require enough space for activity and exercise. Petco has several cockatiel cages for sale that provide your pet a comfortable home. They’ll also need different-sized perches, plenty of interactive toys and a fresh supply of food and water every other day. Head to Petco to pick your cockatiel bird for sale in-store and make sure to browse through our wide selection of bird accessories to set up your pet’s new home.

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