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Killer birds from . It sounds like a reimagined version of Hitchcock’s The Birds or maybe Troma’s follow-up film to , but it’s a true, tragic story. A bird-loving family from Corpus Christi, Texas, reportedly lost their beloved father—and the daughter almost lost her life—after they both contracted from a cockatiel whom they had purchased at PetSmart and named Peachy. Check out the Associated Press Article if you don’t want to take my word for it.

MJ went to PetSmart last night for the first time. She talked with all of the birds and even met some dogs that were shopping!!

The state of Georgia wanted the precautions to go further, moving the birds away from the public, so it placed all Petsmarts and a Superpetz in Martinez, Ga., under quarantine for 45 days while the birds receive treatment. The quarantine applied only to birds and not other animals for sale.

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When customers started piling in at Omar’s Exotic Bird’s across the street from PetSmart in Lake Forest, employees were taken by surprise. Omar's Exotic Pets has had additional business of late as they pick up clients from the Petsmart across the street in Lake Forest. Omar's requires psittacosis testing before accepting new birds according to the manager.

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Cristian Trejo finds a bird he likes at Omar's Exotic Pets in Lake Forest Tuesday afternoon. Petsmart , across the street background,has suspended all sales of pet birds due to a bacterial infection that can be fatal to birds and in some cases humans.

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Petsmart temporarily suspended bird sales at 775 of its stores in 46 states due to ongoing concerns of a bacteria infection that sickened at least 22 of its birds as well as several birds at a Petland in Minnesota and quarantined birds at a Superpetz in Georgia. After a cockatiel with psittacosis was found at a Petsmart in Gaithersburg, Md., local officials ordered all birds removed from the sale floor while the retailer initiated a 45-day treatment plan for the birds, according to Katherine Feldman, the state's public health veterinarian. Routine testing of more than 500 birds in Petsmarts across the country revealed psittacosis in 20 cockatiels, one finch and one parakeet. The retailer, on Dec. 19, 2007, temporarily suspended bird sales at any of its stores that received birds from a single vendor, Preferred Birds of Milton, Fla., according to Jennifer Simmons, a spokesperson for Petsmart. During the temporary sale suspension, Petsmart is treating all of the birds that might have been exposed to the bacteria with antibiotic-treated feed, Simmons said. Employees are also using masks, gloves and protective gowns before entering bird areas.It’s too bad that it required an outbreak of a disease that’s contagious to humans for to make this decision, but this is something we’ve been asking the pet store chain to do for a long time now. According to PetSmart has stopped selling birds in all of its stores for the moment while it looks into the outbreak of psittacosis that has affected the birds it gets from various suppliers. And now that they’ve taken this step of removing these animals from the sales floor, we want to do everything we can to make sure things stay that way. One has to wonder what is happening with all of the sick birds as we speak?