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The Bissell ProHeat Pet Advanced Carpet Cleaner 89108 is an effective and handy carpet cleaner for people who keep pets. To facilitate enhanced carpet cleaning, this Bissell 89108 cleaner incorporates premium features that you don’t see in a lot of machines, such as having an internal heater and a carpet rinse-mode switch. Its superb cleaning ability, user-friendly features and affordable price makes it a unique and practical choice.

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Cleans pretty good. When I used the sample of "Professional cleaner" it was like watching a miracle at how the stains just disappeared. The other two cleaners "oxy" and the one with the yellow lid weren't anything special and I honestly wondered if I had made a good purchase until I used the professional cleaner in it. Then, woah!!!! So, that being said, if you already have a cleaner, I might suggest trying this solution in yours before buying a new carpet cleaner. My biggest complaint is that you have to change the water approximately every 3-5 minutes. It barely holds any before the suction turns off and you have to empty the reservoir. The carpet cleaner has great suction and pulled up tons of dog hair even right after I vacuumed. I thought the carpet was really vaccumed thoroughly and then I started seeing clumps of hair that the carpet cleaner was pulling up. Dry time was pretty quick. Keep in mind that the cleaning solution they send in your bundle is only sample size and not enough to even do one room. You'll want to make sure you have solution for when you get your new carpet cleaner. Again, the Bissell professional solution is really like nothing I've seen.

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BISSELL ProHeat 2X Premier Pet 1-Speed 1.25-Gallon Upright Carpet Cleaner Many pet owners were surprised by the amount of old stains and pet hair that the machine lifted out, despite vacuuming before cleaning with the machine. One satisfied user lived on a ranch with several dogs that tracked dirt in and out during the day. This ProHeat Revolution 2X 1551/1548/1548T cleaner cleaned her dirty carpets convincingly, and was even able to remove old stains that had accumulated. This was despite her having cleaned her carpets other carpet cleaning machines in the past, both Bissell and other brands.

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A number of users did think that their Bissell ProHeat Revolution 2X 1548/ 1551 machine cleaned better than a rental cleaner. One Amazon user, DocStew, is a veterinarian and dog owner who has owned a commercial-grade before. He felt that the Bissell ProHeat Revolution 2X cleaned better than his Rug Doctor (). Another user with 4 dogs found that the Bissell 1548 picked up a lot of dirt from her carpets even though she had rented a Rug Doctor to clean her carpets the week before.

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