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Similar myths were propagated in America, based on the religious ideals of Pilgrims. Black cats were deemed evil -- so much so that anyone caught with one would be severely punished, or killed, under suspect of being a witch. Though these ideals have long since faded, they are perpetuated by folk tales like and (which feature supernatural black cats disguised as demons) and commercialized as companions of Halloween moons. Some shelters go so far as to of black cats in October “

3. Overall, there is definitely room for improvement on the Black Cat Pet.

My name is John and this is our story. Late one night i was outside getting air. I look out at the parking lot and see a tiny little black beauty leaping over puddles. That made me smile for I love all animals and would take home 1000 of them if I could. I didn’t give it a second thought for a few reasons, namely my wife. She had never had a pet before so I never tried to bring anything home though I was close a few times. Anyway, I went out the next night and there she was again. Again, I let it go although this time she spotted me and was watching me from under a car. I ran upstairs to get some chicken that we had from dinner. Obviously she wouldn’t come to me as she was feral so I tossed the food across the street at her. She just eyed me. The next night at the same time I went down to look for her equipped with more chicken though unfortunately I did not see her I actually waited about 15 minutes and then gave up. It was late. AS I turn to leave I look to my left and as if leaning against the wall,about 5 feet from me, there she is. Looking at me. As if to say hi. I said hello and smiled and approached her a bit but she ran across the street. So I tossed the food to her and after some deliberation she ate. The next night we met again as I would talk to her in a human way and she would look to me like she was understanding it all. So each night I would toss the food a little closer to me. Until I had her next to me, as I knew that once I laid a hand on her, I would be hers. After about 2 weeks I touched her head and that was it, I was hers as it was love at first touch. To make an even longer story short it has been 2 months that I got her up to the apartment and I must say I love her more than most things in this world. My wife, after being petrified, now loves her as much as I do. And, she is the most beautiful cat in the world with eyes like a full yellow moon!

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Don't get me wrong, the Black Cat is hands down the best pet (to me) in PoE. This sweet ORE Pet Recycled Rubber Black Cat Face Placemat is the "cat's meow" and will put a smile on your face and the faces of whoever passes it by. Made from sustainable, eco-friendly recycled rubber, this black cat-shaped placemat features a cute white nose and whiskers and is sized just right to hold your pet's food and water dishes while protecting your floors from spills and messes. And it wipes up easily when kitty finishes her dish!

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The view of black cats being favorable creatures is attributed specifically to the Egyptian goddess Bast (or Bastet), the cat goddess. Egyptian households believed they could gain favor from Bastet by hosting black cats in their household. This view was held in the early 17th Century by the English monarch Charles I. Upon the death of his treasured pet black cat, he is said to have lamented that his luck was gone. True to his claim, he was arrested the very next day and charged with high treason.

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