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Born and raised in Hildesheim, Germany, Hartung studied visual communication there as well as in the US. After four years working in full service agencies in Hamburg, Germany, he moved to the US and, in 2001, co-founded Minneapolis design agency Kick with Mary Kemp, director of strategy. Kick has applied its design thinking to brands such as Blackwood Pet Food, Cargill Pet Treats, Oxbow Animal Health, Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo and Mom Brands breakfast cereals. Hartung coordinates Kick’s DExI (Design Exchange International) program and serves on the advisory board of his US alma mater, University of Wisconsin Stout.

Partner at Blackwood Pet Food, LLC; Vice President at Ohio Pet Foods: Mathew Golladay

“The expansion into these markets with our new distributor partners gives us the opportunity to offer our premium foods to pet owners that are looking for our small batch recipes,” said Matthew Golladay, vice president of Blackwood Pet Food.

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Ranch-Way Feeds proudly distributes the Country Vet® and Blackwood brand pet foods. Blackwood super-premium recipes for cats and kittens are slow-cooked in small batches to deliver an all-natural, nutrient-rich diet. Finicky eaters of all ages love our everyday recipes. Have unique dietary considerations? Go with our grain-free special diet and canned recipes. Manufactured by Blackwood Pet Foods.

Blackwood Pet Food is currently a special order brand

Matthew Golladay, vice president of Ohio Pet Foods, returnedto the family-owned and family-run petfood business to manage the buyout ofBlackwood Pet Food, a brand the Ohio-based company had manufactured for yearsOhio Pet Foods specializes in co-packing premium and superpremium dry petfooddiets and Blackwood certainly fell under…

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Blackwood pet food was developed as a high performance diet for dogs competing in Conformance Shows and Field Trials. Produced exclusively for Blackwood by privately-held Ohio Pet Food (OPF), the brand had a loyal following among trainers and breeders, very limited retail penetration in US pet specialty retailers, and good overseas sales.The U.S. market has increasingly trended toward this type of food for domesticated pets, he notes, and consumers are starting to shy away from larger producers and are instead shifting their business to smaller, specialty brands and manufacturers such as Blackwood.Ohio Pet Foods acquired the Blackwood brand four years ago and has since taken it from a regional market to global distribution. “We bought the brand in 2010 and have expanded sales to several other countries as well as 40% to 50% of the U.S,” he says.Not only has the Blackwood brand taken off, Ohio Pet Foods today manufactures food for about a dozen other brands sold all over the world. “It’s a whole line designed for that use. They own the brand. We do the manufacturing,” he says.