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Box turtles live approximately 40-50 years. Red-eared sliders will live approximately 50-70 years. Please be a responsible pet owner and take into consideration this pet’s long life span before investing.

This is Pete, an Eastern Box Turtle that I have had in my life since 1970.

Although box turtles are still fairly common over much of their range, their future is uncertain. Box turtles are slow growing, have few young, and have exhibited delayed sexual maturity. These qualities make them particularly susceptible to damage due to human activities. Another concern is the capture of box turtles for the pet trade. The impact of taking turtles from the wild can be devastating to local populations.

How many of you kept a box turtle as a pet

Try fruit. Many box turtles love berries, bananas and other fruits (they might even be your pet’s favorite food!). So unless you are an experienced box turtle owner who also has prior hands-on experience with raising hatchlings, it can make sense to choose an older box turtle for your pet instead.

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By law, in their home State, no person may possess more than two of these turtles. People may be prosecuted by fine and removal of the animals if they own three or more without a reptile permit. This subspecies can only be found in Florida, and is also protected in many other areas. Many pet stores offer hatchlings as pets, which are usually healthier than the box turtles from the wild.[]

Keeping Ornate Box Turtles as pets

There are a few other things you need that play a role in their body heat. One such example is water. They obviously need clean drinking water the same as any pet. But box turtles like to soak from time to time to rehydrate and cool down, so you will need a body of water that is large but shallow. On the subject of water; you will also need to mist their home several times daily with a spray bottle, to keep the humidity level high.Box turtles are popular pets, both within their native range and abroad. They need exposure to real sun or proper artificial light to stay healthy. It is also important to provide them with a suitable diet. In the wild, box turtles are omnivores that will eat lot of different things. Their main food source is invertebrates, such as insects and worms, but they also eat a lot of vegetable matter, including leaves, fruits and berries. It is important to give them an equally varied diet in captivity to ensure proper nutrition.