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Magnet Broom® is a pet-lover’s best friend! The unique electronically charged foam head effectively removes pet hair and dust from any floor type. It even works on carpets and upholstery. The sponge on a pole concept allows you to reach into corners and along stairs and moldings without bending. To clean the foam, simply pull the debris from the foam surface. For deeper cleaning, snap off the head and rinse the foam in water. The perfect cleaning tool for anyone who shares a home with a furry friend.

I bought this broom to help pick up the dog hair before I vacuum the carpet.

As you clean the carpet keep moving the broom in the same direction until one area is clean then use a dustpan to collect the accumulated hair. The sweepa broom is ideal for use on any kind of rug or carpet whether flat or plush. It is most suitable for areas on the carpet where the cat or dog sleeps.

No, not pet hair (though that's a real problem)

I bought this broom to help pick up the dog hair before I vacuum the carpet. It works great!! I will be able to pick up the hair and not have it break/clog my vacuum. I also have hardwood floors and a dog that sheds. I know if can be frustrating dealing with dog hair on a daily basis. I was give a small broom vacuum from a friend that did not use it (she had carpet) and I have found that it works better than anything for our situation. It is very light weight and not cumbersome to drag out like a heavy conventional vacuum. I have priced these broom vacs in stores and found them to be a reasonable $25.00 – $40.00, though mine was free. I would recommend a cordless, rechargeable style for even more ease in quick cleaning. Ours has a cord and it does not reach very far, therefore it takes more time to plug and unplug (I have child-proof sockets) and I am still considering buying a cordless vac. ( I am trying to be frugal and use the one I was given.) These vacuums do not replace regular rug vacuums, they don’t pick up heavier items, but have worked well and quickly with dog hair. Stod.

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I heard about someone who trains his dogs from puppy hood to accept being vacuumed — stop it at the source! This is not an option for me. I have 2 fuzzy, shedding dogs & 2 cats, and I have found that the rubber brooms that are being sold now really do work! The rubber doesn’t generate a lot of static electricity, so the hair rolls up almost like a piece of rope, and it doesn’t tend to drift the way it does when using an ordinary broom. I also use the rubber broom for getting the pet hair off of upholstery and carpets. (A very slightly damp sponge is also good for this.) The broom is washable, and has an adjustable handle. I got my broom on sale, with a coupon, at a local discount drugstore for less than $10. I put the hair on the compost pile; sometimes birds take it from there for nesting material, and the dog smell discourages other animals from getting near the compost or the garden. Suzanna

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