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If the rabbit has an chronic health issue, the rescue will alert potential new parents of the condition, so only those willing and able to care for the bunny can adopt him/her. If you purchase a rabbit from a breeder or pet store, they may not alert you to any pre-existing health problems.

To initially obtain your Eternal Bunny Pet just fast travel to any location.

I will just never understand why people want to keep a wildrabbit as a pet, when it deserves to be wild, when there are soooooooooooooooo many domestic rabbits sitting in shelters that would just love to have a home, and probably will never get one. Then you should also realize that at some point ALL bunnies were wild. It isn't like she went out looking to get one from the wild. This baby needed a home and someone to care for him as much as any other bunny. This wild bunny did not have the normal ability to learn from his mommy and siblings. ...just my 2 cents.

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The Eternal Bunny Pet has been featured on SaioTV in their Skyrim Mods Series see it here! Bunnies are the cutest things on the planet! Get yourself a bunny as a pet if you want a regular cuddle machine! You've got plenty of fluffy bunnies to choose from, so choose the one that isn't going to give you any trouble when you start scrubbing them down!

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Continually overrun with abandoned rabbits, local shelters and rescues are the best place to find a new pet bunny. Not only will you save an animal from possible euthanasia, there are also several additional benefits.

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