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The next day I went to Petco to look for some. They had a large selection, both male AND female! I know the Petsmart only has males. I read the info sheet they had there and saw that they like to be in groups so I decided to buy six (four male, two female) pigs to take home – my own herd! The manager in that section was REALLY happy that I was getting all of them, he said they were behind on a selling quota with their supplier and that I came at just the right time – he even gave me a discount! Hopefully my purchase will help their supplier will stay in business (more pigs for everyone!). Anyway, I got one of the little cages they had at the store for my “herd” and the manager was so happy he also gave me a free bag of cedar bedding – how nice! Needless to say, I strongly suggest Petco to everyone who wants to go out and buy some more guinea pigs!

Jul 23, 2012 - Yes, i understand it isn't good to buy a guinea pig at petco or petsmart ..

At Petco, I saw that they had posted signs about taking unwanted small animals. From my experience, Petco seems to have staff that "mistakenly" mix up male guinea pigs with the female pigs. If you buy a female pig, she could very well be pregnant, and what happens is the owners wind up dropping the babies back to Petco, and thus their stock is refilled. My boyfriend and I have gone into different Petcos to look at guinea pigs that were supposedly one sex, but when we test them , they are the opposite sex. Boar, who was supposedly a female, was in a cage at Petco with 10 other females. If those 10 females were fertile, you can only imagine how many babies that adds up to just because of an employee's mistake. Each pig usually has between 1 to 5 babies for a first time pregnancy.

I suggest you DON'T get a guinea pig as your first pet.

My friend told me the other day that buying from petco was bad because they dont treat their guinea pigs well I felt really bad for the dozen other pigs there that we could not buy. We told the employee that their conditions are filthy, but he honestly did not seem to care. The Van Nuys Petco is not an exception. I see this kind of neglect in many of the Petco stores, not only with the guinea pigs and small animals, but with the reptiles as well. I noticed that the diet given to these animals is not sufficient ... usually they are just given dried food/pellets. Most of these animals that Petco has are herbivores and need LOTS of fresh veggies as their main diet!

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They most likely told the little girl that they would be getting more on Wednesday because the guinea pig would take a long time to get better so it would be a while before they could sell it to her. From what I read in your post she didn't have any bond with it or anything she just saw it at the store so the guinea pig wasn't being taken from it's owner. I think I have every right to be mad since they refused to sell it to me even though when I offered to take care of the veterinary care. The worker even told me to wait until this Wednesday if I want to buy a pig. I didn't tell the story in details; I just summarized what happened. I have heard stories about PETCO and Petsmart would kill the sick animals. That's what made me concerned about the pig that will be going to back doors. Also why they didn't tell the girl or me immediately that we will keep the pig until its healthy once again then I can sell it to you. They just said the pig go to back doors and the new pigs are coming on Wednesday. They made it sound like that pig is discarded and encourage us to focus on the new pigs that's coming soon.

Guinea pigs and humans have been together for a long time