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When buying used pet supplies, disinfect them. Calici can live on cat scratchers and litter boxes and beds for six months. Ringworm spores can be on anything, and litter boxes can carry toxoplasmosis and corona virus. Disinfect hard surfaces with a 1:10 bleach solution after washing thoroughly to remove all dirt (bleach is inactivated by organic material). Coat all surfaces with the bleach mixture and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing. You can also put it into the sun for a while afterward to dry and disinfect further. For litter boxes, do the additional step of pouring boiling water into the litter box and letting it sit 2 minutes. There is no way to adequately disinfect carpet and wood, but you can thoroughly vacuum and then hose off cat towers and scratchers, then spray all over several times with the bleach solution and then let it sit in the sun. Fabric can be washed, then dried at high heat for 30 minutes. Dishes should go through the dishwashing cycle (the heat should be hot enough). PetsMart Charities has a free webinar you can view about disinfection for more information.

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Pet Rescue Tags: buy cheap pet flagyl to buy pet flagyl online animals flagyl online purchase home pet rescue buying pet cat flagyl online pet flagyl online Aside from being able to buy shampoo, cough syrups, and pick up your prescriptions, many drugs stores also sell dog and cat food, toys, brushes, leashes, and beds. The prices are often lower than pet retail stores because of membership club cards and specials.

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Just like us, pets love a good, comfy bed. But when it comes to buying a bed for cats or dogs, a visit to the pet superstore shows that there are many styles at wide-ranging price points. Is there really a difference between a $20 pillow versus a $150 full-on bed? That's what we set to find out. And it turns out that a good pet bed is based on one key feature: Does your pet like to sprawl out or curl up in a ball?

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