Where can you go to buy a pet squirrel

We raised an orphaned red squirrel a couple years ago and he was an amazing pet!!!
He heard the call of the wild and scratched a window screen and ran off, never to be seen again.
I would live to raise another, but don’t want to “steal” a baby from its nest. If you know of any that need a home, i would love to adopt or buy one.

I would like to buy a baby American red squirrel to raise as a pet. Wendy

Never buy or adopt a ground squirrel, or any other animal, that was caught in the wild. Aside from the animal welfare and conservation considerations, such a squirrel is highly unlikely to make a good pet. If you aren’t certain of a squirrel's origin, go somewhere else. In the event you are adopting from an animal sanctuary, only adopt wild-caught or timid squirrels if you have considerable experience -- these are not pets for the first timer. Bear in mind that ground squirrels can live for six years, sometimes longer, and need a fair amount of space and care. Although they may be cute, squirrels are often difficult to handle and sometimes show aggression -- as mentioned above they have not been domesticated for long. This means that they do not make good pets for children.

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Can you buy a pet squirrel? So my wife and I decided to buy a house out in the country — a place where a deer may walk through our yard and where squirrels roam free. What could we leave them to nibble on since we’re looking to make new friends with our neighbors, of all species. Here are some foods your new pet squirrel will love.

From the article “” They’ll enjoy your left over white breads along with Rye and Pumpernickel.

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I love squirrels and I know you can get them as a pet but I dont know where? Please tell a website or a pet store or something where I maybe can buy one? lol

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One can feed an adult squirrel a variety of things. For my outdoor squirrels I always have a bowl of dry food available with unsalted all natural peanuts and unsalted all natural sunflower seeds. I buy the big 5 lb. bags of peanuts and sunflower seeds made for wildlife at Target. The bird aisle in pet stores also sells them a lot cheaper than the grocery store. They also like walnuts, hazel nuts, almonds, pecans and other nuts, shelled and unshelled; just remember, always unsalted. They don't like safflower seeds. One can feed seeds and nuts as dessert only for the indoor squirrels after they're eaten their veggies and fruits. Indoors squirrels don't get as much exercise as outdoor squirrels so they can get fat. Some eat raw corn on the cob. One can just slice a 3/4" piece off for her. Some people are against giving corn. One can give her grapes, cherries, bits of apples, melon, tomato pieces and avocado pieces. Peel the grapes for baby squirrels and see the baby squirrel diet. Some also like all natural no salt no sugar peanut butter. I've heard some like to eat dried corn, butternut squash, lettuce, broccoli, nut balls, suet, endive, turnip greens, cucumber, okra, green bell pepper, pears, green bean, sugar pea, sweet potatoes, Zupreem primate chow, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, acorns, pine cones, spinach, mustard greens, carrots, raw soy beans, plums, banana, kiwi, mango, strawberries, strawberry tops, buck eyes, blueberries, blackberries, raisins, pineapple, fig, dates, peach, nectarines, apricots, whole wheat cheerios and all natural corn puff cereal. Some feed their squirrels rodent blocks and food made for mice or rats which is sold in pet stores (see photo above, Kaytee forti-diet mouse and rat food). They also like sun dried watermelon, cantaloupe, squash and pumpkin seeds. They also like wild gourds, fresh rosemary, fresh lavender, green pine cones, rose petal clippings. Squirrels are a cute looking creatures that you can keep as pet at your home. You may have seen them while they eat your bird seed. But they are very amazing little critters and you can buy these pet as they are shops where you can get squirrel for sale to keep them in your home.