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According to a national poll conducted in 2012 by Edge Research, 37 percent of Americans, roughly 88 million people, planned to buy a gift for a pet during the holiday season. Based on the number of pet gift shoppers and an average spending of $30 per person, Americans could spend more than $2.5 billion on pets during the holiday season. Unfortunately, 59 percent of pet gift shoppers would consider buying gifts at a store that also sells puppies—meaning some of that $2.5 billion in revenue may be supporting the puppy mill industry.

What you are likely to get when you buy one of those cute pet shop puppies in the pet store window.

Tip: Buy the pet shop right when you have four sims. It's definatley the cheapest! Also any good tips for simeleons an LP, I need more desparetaley to get a pet.

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Advantages? Yes, pet shops do have advantages, which is why people buy from them. Some pet shops have unhealthy animals that are routinely neglected. Puppies sold in pet shops usually come from "puppy mills", breeding kennels where mother dogs and "studs" spend their lives confined and lonely producing litter after litter. Other animals come from suppliers that ship hundreds of animals in utterly unacceptable conditions. Unhealthy conditions, lack of veterinary care, and careless breeding leads to serious health problems. The unhealthy animals are then sold to pet shops and unsuspecting buyers.

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A state law directed solely toward pet shops/dealers is necessary to address the particular problems of neglect, abuse and inhumane treatment that may occur to animals in pet shops, as well as to protect consumers against the unknowing purchase of unhealthy animals. Thousands of consumers purchase animals from a pet shop that die soon after purchase because of a disease or sickness that was unknown to the buyer. Limited laws on animal welfare allow pet shops to operate their businesses within the meaning of the law, yet still get away with allowing animals to live under heinous conditions as part of their regular business practices.

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One pet shop in Adelaide, Australia, is taking a stand against holiday season impulse-buys of kittens and puppies. Too many animals end up on death row, the owners said, so their shop will not sell them around Christmas time. Since the Pet Spot notified customers of its decision, its Facebook post has attracted more than 800 comments and around 20,000 likes, .An alien couple comes to Earth disguised as a cowboy and cowgirl and buy a pet shop from its owner in an attempt to try to eat some of Earth's children for dinner. They look like normal people aside from the fact that they have a third eye on their foreheads which they cover with their hats. One by one they give some pets to random kids free of charge. The pets at first seem normal, until they change into their alien forms. The kids meet when they return to the pet shop because their pets stop eating and need some type of "vitamins" that the aliens feed them.