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Dog car seat covers come in a variety of materials, including , , and other types of rubber for the major purpose of protecting a vehicle's upholstery, while remaining soft and comfortable for the pet. These types of materials are also durable and easy to wash should they get dirty. Other materials include sturdy canvas, soft microfiber suede, and even poly-cotton due to its softness and the water-repellent nature of its polyester.

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So what's the issue? The main complaint about this pet seat cover is that it's a “standard” bench seat cover that does not protect your car's floor or the car's front seats from the dog's hair, dirt and scratches. If this part is very important to you, then you may want to consider other options. On the bright side, Epica pet seat cover is very easy and quick to install but you will need to adjust it a little almost every time your dog gets into a car.

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The Classic Accessories Pet Rear Seat Protector shields the entire back seat area of your car from muddy paws, sharp claws, and hair. Protecting the rear seat, floor, and seat backs, the Pet Protector is reversible with a water resistant fabric top and warm fleece bottom for those cold car rides.

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The Kurgo Car Seat Cover also includes a waterproof middle layer for additional protection, is machine washable and is made of PVC free material. Seat belt slips that include a Velcro closure making installation easy while keep pet hair and dirt out of your seats.

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Pet Protection Car Seat Pet Protection Car Seat is designed to cushion small- and medium-sized dogs in the event of a car crash or sudden stop. It envelops your pet like a catcher's mitt and safely drops him down into the car's foot well for maximum impact protection. In addition, it absorbs the unpredictable impact of a deployed airbag, which could injure or kill a dog that likes to ride in the front seat.A car seat cover for your dog is a great idea if you take Fido with you in the car on trips or just running around town doing errands. The car seat cover will give your pet a comfortable ride while protecting your vehicle from tears and dirt. There are several things to look for in a car seat cover for dogs.So we need some car protective seat covers for that!And this is the perfect guide which can help you in finding the Top pet Seat Car Covers that protecs your Car Seats.Yes Pets is a bench-type car seat made of durable quilt suede. It is warm, comfortable, and ideal for all types of dogs. It is also affordable, has a rugged rip-stop denier base that protects seats from scratches, and a handy waterproof coating that keeps your car’s upholstery dry and well protected even when traveling for long distances. Yes Pets Quilt Suede cover is easy to install. It is machine washable, fits most cars, and ideal for protecting your seats from spilling drinks/ food when traveling with kids.