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We have a group of assorted Oustalets Chameleons for sale. We have captive bred babies and field collected adult Oustalets Chameleons. Oustalets are one of my favorite of all chameleon species. Outstalets Chameleons are the longest chameleon ever recorded at 33″ long. I often call them gentle giants. For as big as they are they are one of the most docile chameleons there are. Outstalet Chameleons are from the country of Madagascar. They are very well distributed throughout the region in many locales. The care is that of a panther chameleons care.

DESCRIPTION: We have a handful of beautiful carpet chameleons for sale

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Beautiful CB Baby Carpet Chameleons for Sale at FL Chams | FL Chams

Gorgeous Adult Carpet Chameleons for Sale at FL Chams | FL Chams We have some really nice juvenile veiled chameleons for sale. This is the perfect starter size chameleon. They’re past a fragile stage and can eat almost a full size cricket which is more readily available at your local pet stores. For veiled chameleon care please visit our chameleon care sheet on our home page. The juvenile veiled chameleons are eating 1/2 to 3/4 size crickets. Please visit our testimonial page and buy with confidence.

Carpet Chameleons for sale (Furcifer lateralis).

We have a new group of Temporalis or Usambara Pitted Pygmy Chameleons for sale. Temporalis Pygmy Chameleons are from Tanzania Africa and require the same care as the bearded pygmy chameleon. This is one of the pygmy chameleons that actually …

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We have several beautiful Carpet chameleons for sale at rock-bottom prices. These truly beautiful lizards are from Madagascar and stay relatively small, reaching lengths of 6" to 8". Truly a jewel of a species, and highly sought after due to their attractive coloration. Males and females are both stunning. When you buy a chameleon from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee.Carpet Chameleons For Sale Here: Carpet chameleons for sale at FL Chams. Carpet or Jeweled Chameleon Breeders, buy high color carpet or jeweled chameleons online at FL Chams.We have some gorgeous Carpet Chameleons for sale that are field collected adults. Snakes at Sunset houses them in Zoomed Reptibreeze cages and feeds them crickets. The Carpet Chameleons for sale are adults, and aprox. 5-7" in length. BOTH SEXES AVAILABLE.Carpet Chameleons for sale! Very nice adult Carpets, also known as the Jeweled Chameleon for obvious reasons. WC from Madagascar, wormed with Panacure (fenbendazole). Very colorful, especially when excited. These guys are eating well, and have some nice body weight on them. We don't get Carpets that often, so jump on them!