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i use molecular modifier, and i follow the directions, and i also use a product called urine stain remover, and you can find them both on the website for janilene..they are a carpet cleaning supplier...both of these products are what really work completely every time....molecular modifier has the enzymes to really kill the crystals in both cat and dog urine and eradicate the smell. urine stain cleaner , after you spray it on, even on our off white carpet, the yellow stain is gone in about 10 minutes...you have to invest some money, but it is totally worth it!!!

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Spray the urine stain thoroughly and let the cleaner sink into the carpet for 10-15 minutes, and blot up as much of the liquid as possible. Repeat this process if necessary. You will have to use enough enzymatic cleaner to thoroughly soak all areas (including underlying rug pads or the stuffing of furniture) that have been dampened by cat pee. Don’t worry if the smell actually gets worse for a while. The enzymatic process is not complete until all materials are completely dry, says Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM. This can take weeks under certain conditions. “Do not use traditional cleaning solutions in conjunction with enzymatic cleaners,” she says. “Soaps and detergents can actually deactivate the very enzymes necessary to get rid of the smell of cat pee.”

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Apr 12, 2015 - UnansweredCan professional carpet cleaners remove cat urine smells .. Don’t rely on regular carpet cleaners: Standard carpet cleaners (not made especially for pet urine) don’t work against the odor-causing proteins in cat urine. Steam cleaning can actually cause the stain and odor to spread and set into the carpet if you don’t use an appropriate stain and odor remover first.


For a portable enzyme cleaner for carpets, this enzyme cleaner from Bissell magically destroys all traces of urine. Suitable for dog and cat urine, the hand held cleanser is perfect for emergency spills and accidents too. The portable stain remover gets rid of odor and sucks up debris efficiently through its seven inch nozzle.

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