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Most pet owners love this 14-pounds, automatic portable carpet cleaners because they do not have to monitor it. Filling the solution, placing it on the soon-to-be vanish spot and turning on the automatic mode will be suffice to have a professional like spot and stain cleaning. You can spray and suction-dries your carpet in a single step and that too without damaging the fibers. It is because the automatic sensors of the machine itself decide how much solution is needed for a specific stain. Thus, you don’t end up rinsing your carpet multiple times to remove excess detergent. Moreover, the deep cleaner completely sucks out the bad odor-causing bacteria from the rugs.

Try using a carpet stain pretreatment spray and let it set before you do your carpet cleaning.

Our pets are our friends and companions, but sometimes they have accidents, some more than others. At Blake Carpet Cleaning we are pet people to, and we realize pet accidents on carpets, rugs, and furniture are a reality for almost every household. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing a superior way to solve all your pet urine odor problems, without expensive carpet replacement. While other carpet cleaners run from pet stain and odor problems, we apply amazingly simple and effective techniques to identify problem areas. We then treat affected areas with the proper methods and environmentally safe cleaning products to remove the spot AND the odor completely!

What are the best carpet spot cleaners for pet stains

Call Service PLUS Carpet Cleaning & Restoration for your pet stain and odor issues. I’ve used the vinegar/water cleaner, followed by hydrogen peroxide/baking soda procedure for the last several years. We have three labs, and had two cats (one of whom is no longer with us). The process worked well for stains AND odor. Actually, doing the carpet AGAIN as we speak!

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For pet owners, pets are treated like family members and provide companionship for their lucky owners.
But having a pet in your home can make it difficult to keep it clean. Even well-trained pet can leave stains and odors, which can make a home look and smell dirty and unclean. Dogs and cats will often urinate on the carpets and rugs, causing stains and odors. Getting rid of pet urine can be difficult because you may not know when or where it happened. If urine is left in the carpets. it will make it more difficult to remove later and can start to cause stains and spots. That is why you need to use a professional cleaner like Green Choice Carpet. We know the best and safest way to remove pet urine and odors.

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