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ConsThe name is cool and so is the product. This is another unique shaped fountain that is small and a great pick for owners with one cat preferably. This is not technically a fountain as water doesn’t come from the top but circulates around the fountain.The charcoal filters are great when it comes to making sure that the water is clean for your pet. The capacity is around 60oz which is not huge. Therefore, we do not recommend you go for this one if you have more than one cat at home.The Pioneer Pet is good as a company so there is no complain there. All in all, this is a good product for the right cat owners.ProsConsIf you are into great brands and brand value then this might not be the perfect solution as Petphabet is not one of the most recognized brands out there. Having said that, if you are into good products then this is an option that you should look into.Being a very simple and cheap fountain, this one offers great value. The capacity is around 67oz and it is good enough for one cat. The material that it uses is BPA plastic and the bucket is semi-transparent which adds to the look of it.The water is constantly circling around and it is easy for your cats to drink. The height is perfect too. It works on a low voltage and comes with a warranty of 2 years.All in all, if you are not looking to invest big but still want a good product, this can be an option.ProsCons

Cat Mate Replacement Filter Cartridges are for use with the Cat Mate and Dog Mate pet fountains

Great review of the Cat Mate Pet Fountain! I love the layout and the information you put at the top for the price, quality, ease of use, and ongoing cost. Very nice! I don’t think the price of the filter is bad at all. I don’t have cats, I have dogs. But I even like this for my dogs. Then they get fresh water all the time. Great review and thank you for sharing!

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Home · Cat · Feeders & Waterers Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain Replacement Filter 2pk. Moving water reduces bacteria growth and the pre-filter catches things like hair, toys, or whatever else your pet drops in the bowl. It pulls up for easy cleaning in case you have dogs that shed a lot. I started out with the Cat Mate Pet Fountain which holds 70 ounces of water compared to 168 ounces that you get with the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain. The CatMate was a great fountain. It was smaller and quieter but I noticed my cats drinking a lot more so eventually upgraded to the PetSafe Fountain so I wouldn’t have to refill it as much. The cool thing about the Platinum Pet fountain is that I just have to fill up the back container once and that will keep their water full for a little over a week. It’s built really well and it’s extremely hard to tip over, the wide base and well thought out water reservoir will withstand cats or dogs that like to tip things over. It has a leaver that will allow you to adjust the water flow in case it’s making too much noise or if you have a nervous cat that prefers a smaller stream.

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Filters: Cat Mate has replacement filters specifically intended for this pet fountain. These filters go for $2.50 each. We recommend getting the off-brand filters by PetStandard, which are virtually identical to the Cat Mate filters, but for $1.50 each. Based on a monthly filter change, the annual cost of replacement filters for the Cat Mate Pet Fountain is $18 – $30.

Unplug power supply before disassembling pet fountain or cleaning